Malone Closes the Book on Barnes and Noble

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April 3 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Brendan Greeley, Crayton Harrison and Edmund Lee discuss John Malone’s media strategy. They speak with Alix Steel on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Harrison join us.

Why now?

John malone has his fingers and other traps right now.

He is messing with the cable industry.

He is already investing in target.

More things on the way probably.

At the end of the day i think he is looking to cross its assets and has abandoned a share offer for serious xm.

I think he is looking across the assets and asking where are the priorities and where do i need to take cash away from and put it in?

Is this a black eye for john malone or a strategic move?

I think he is decided he has had it and getting out.

A lot of other investors moving on as well.

Amazon, they cornered the market basically.

You can trace the problems book publishing has had to the whole amazon jump into e-books in the first place.

Just raise those took the model and undercut everyone.

-- jeff bezos.

] the book publishers say you are literally devaluing the content, we do not want that.

They went to apple and said let's set the price and we take the cut.

Therefore, that kind of model is hurting publishers and now hurting look stores.

What is interesting about the pain barnes & noble is going through is it does not necessarily mean the end of physical bookstores.

Unsurprising rate of light has been small bookstores.

Independent bookstores have done better in the past several years.

The thing we're learning is the appeal of barnes & noble was limitless selection.

Amazon wins.

If you are a smaller bookstore, you can craft your appeal around something else.

Deep catalog in a very specific genre.

Barnes & noble another box store in trouble.

Thank you.

More flexibility.

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