GigaOm Founder: Mayer 'Destroying Value' of Yahoo

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August 19 (Bloomberg) -- Om Malik, founder of GigaOm, talks about Marissa Mayer's first year at Yahoo and the dependence on Google services after the brief outage last week. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

This is "bloomberg west." i'm emily chang.

The september issue of "vogue" puts an interesting focus on technology.

Google glass got 12 pages of the issue to show off the device in an editorial story.

Another eye-catching vote is this one of yahoo!

Cto marissa mayer in an article entitled "hail to the chief." she talks about everything from motherhood to what it takes to run yahoo!

The issue hits newsstands tomorrow.

This is the article everyone is talking about.

Here to talk more about it is the founder of giga om.

What do think about this feature?

I think if their products were not that bad, it would be nice to see the feature, but i think the company has not put enough -- to keep on talking about things, there is a lot of potential and p.r. around melissa, who -- marissa, but their product line blows.

I think they need to match up their products with reality.

The only thing going right for the company is the stock price.

Activist investors, like dan loeb, are celebrating the stock price.

Company-wise, it is in the same place.

She has bought a bunch of companies, brought in new people, and there is a bit of a substandard culture there.

Things have not progressed.

It is nice to have features in "vogue" but let's celebrate the actual features and company before you put the hype ahead of it.

What did you think of the job that marissa has done?

What job?

She has done a good job raising the stock price, has given people iphones, coffee, but they have not come up with any product that i would want to use.

They have done a good job of destroying the value properties like flickr.

If i sound harsh, i have been using yahoo!

From the day that larry and david started the problem -- company.

I have an historical perspective.

They are buying some decent people and definitely people with clearer and pressure ideas.

The thing is what will happen next.

There was a big article about google, some that you talked about.

40% of internet traffic dropped off with a small outage on google.

Why did this happen?

We have no idea and they do not want to talk about it.

It is interesting they have not come up with a statement on it.

Everything is a p.r. strategy.

Jokes aside, there was some kind of a glitch.

The big lesson was how much money -- how much we are reliable on google.

Gmail, youtube, and google itself were either slowing down or out, and you saw the decline in traffic.

It reminds you, the internet which is supposed to be so resilience, it is not.

The pentagon four or five big properties -- depending upon the four or five big properties, if something goes wrong, everything goes wrong.

Are we too dependent on google?


What is the solution?

That is the question.

People will need to figure out what happens if google goes down.

It is the same thing that happens if the amazon clout goes down.

We do not expect everything to work perfectly, but you also cannot really planned for in perfect situations.

It is a catch-22. the bigger you become as a service, the more you have to worry about a backup.

Is it about better competition like bing or yahoo!? google has a strategic advantage.

This was just an outage.

These things happen, if only once a year.

If your business depends on these companies, you need to be prepared for that eventuality.

Before you go, i want to congratulate you.

As of last week, you are now an american citizen.

How does it feel?

It is pretty much the same, but it feels like i belong.

It is an an indescribable feeling.

You get this feeling of of belonging.

I have lived here almost 22 years.

I was not going to go anywhere.

But i just feel slightly different, i feel like i'm from here.

Immigration is an important issue to you and detect communities.

What is your take on the reform bill being debated in congress right now?

You have been critical of mark zuckerberg's take on the issue.

What do they need to change about immigration laws in the united states?

There is a cause and effect that we do not really talk about.

We talk about immigration as an isolated thing.

We talk about illegal immigrants, engineers, we talk about these things in silos.

You cannot disassociate immigration and what it means to the actual economic reality of this country.

I said this to you earlier.

If you are going to have an immigration policy based on talent, you should have an education and re-education policy for people who are unemployed, for those people that do not have prospects.

"the new york times" is talking

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