Malaysia: Will Do Whatever It Takes to Find Plane

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March 12 (Bloomberg) -- Scarlet Fu updates the latest news on the missing Malaysian plane on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Wednesday morning and the webpages looking for what you need to know.

Breaking news because the malaysian airlines press conferences taking place right now.

The take away from the headlines as they still don't know anything as the search for the missing 777 extends today five.

12 countries are now involved in the search, searching east and west of the country and on land.

The south china sea and the lock as straights.

We hear four passengers who were on standby for that flight were eventually admitted to the flight.

So they got on board.

Beyond that, they say they will do whatever it takes to find the plane that they still don't have any new information and they're looking and vietnam says the search for the plane and come up with nothing.

The geography, which i think -- the malaysian tip jets down.

And all of a sudden, we're looking at the presumed path that people have turned left and started looking back to land.

Over malaysia.

Toward india.

I mean, india is a long way away, but did you do well on your southeast asia geography?

Well, i lived in the area, so in a little bit about the area.

They are not ready to give up on any potential explanation for why this plane disappeared.

The cia director says he still can't rule out terrorism.

Very serious issue.

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