Malaysia Flight 370 Search Focuses on Ocean Objects

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March 21 (Bloomberg) - Bloomberg’s Paul Allen reports on the search mission to find the missing Malaysian Airlines jet as crews look for two pieces spotted by radar in the Indian Ocean on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.”

In or on their way to this area.

2.5 thousand kilometers southwest of the australian capital of earth.

That is some distance into the indian ocean.

The first ship to arrive is now on the scene.

Planes are also back in the air today, looking for these objects, these grainy images spotted by a satellite that could be debris from those missing malaysian airlines flight.

There were four planes out on thursday searching for these objects.

They have erred 23,000 square kilometers of ocean before returning to perth.

While that sounds like a large patch of sea you have to keep this in context.

These images were taken on march 16, five days ago.

The seas could have moved them anywhere.

Some analysts suggest they could have drifted as much as 400 kilometers.

The area is also known as the roaring 40's which tells you a lot about the prevailing weather conditions.

The wind can get very strong.

That makes the swells big as well.

Visibility, not so great.

They have been struggling with low cloud and rain.

Another challenge is the sheer isolation of this area.

The planes need to fly four

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