Impossible Flight 370 Landed on Tiny Island: McGraw

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March 14 (Bloomberg) -- TSA Founding Administrator John McGraw updates the latest news on the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Original search area.

The uss kidd will search south of burma and west of taiwan.

John mcgraw from the transportation security administration, he joins us from annapolis, maryland.

Honored to have you with us.

We have seen the news from malaysia where they are beginning to interview the pilot.

Do national security authorities review pilot safety as well as passenger security?

Well, they do, in coordination with the airlines.

That has been a controversial piece here in the united states, in that pilots and crew are screened in a different way than passengers are.

I know that passengers, some in the united states have been critical of that.

But airlines do certify to tsa that all the background work has been done on these individuals, all the employees.

And the whole point has been said -- why do you want to review us so closely when we are in control of the airplane and can take us down -- take it down?

That statement has just been made.

The point is, you need to consider and be scrutinized by every -- and scrutinize everyone.

This is so unfortunate for the families that this has dragged on.

But come and you know, each time as an investigator -- that is my expertise.

We had on yesterday mary schiavo.

She was the inspector general focusing on airline parts and such and you were more focused on the security issue.

Would you say there is a major partition insecurity between the way the united states looks at these processes and the way malaysia or other asian nations would?

I don't know that.

Our plan at tsa is to work with all other countries that fly to and from the united states and over the united states, to get as close to our standards as possible.

And of course, with the europe and some of the asian countries, you learn something from them, too, and you make adjustments.

So, while we can't do any dictating or requiring, we certainly work together with these other countries and hope to bring them to the standards that europe and we have.

You were a secret service agent in the wok -- in washington back in the 1960's and 1970's and you helped found the tsa.

Is it possible to actually think an aircraft like this could be hijacked and actually be hidden at this point?

No, i don't believe so.

I think the directions it was flying and the places it was flying over, and the fact that it was on radar -- i just don't think there is any way that it could land without the population knowing, even in some of the small islands where most of them cannot handle the size of airplane, but if they did, it would be something that never happened before, and just the noise of the aircraft landing on a small island like that -- there are only two or three of them that would have landing pad, or landing strips long -- large enough.

There are so many theories out there, many of them crazy and many of them really out there.

Based on what you know right now, what can you tell us this is not?

What series can you knock down?

From the very beginning, remember i said from the very beginning that you have to look at everybody that touched that airplane since it landed in a while a lump or -- kuala lumpur.

Pretty much everything has been examined.

Now that you have two transponders turned off, it flew at a lower altitude and engines were still communicating with the ground.

There is a hypothesis here, when

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