Malaysia Air Mystery Deepens on Tracking Info

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March 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg European business correspondent Caroline Hyde reports on the Malaysian Air Force denying word that the missing Malaysia Air jet was seen on military radar at Malacca on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

-- theories abound.

What is interesting about this is that the aircraft had to go in the opposite direction from where it was going.

It was going to beijing.

If we are in the strait, it is an entire reversal of the course without detection from the ground.

This is all about the malaysian air force chief who was cited in local press saying that it may have deviated.

Now, if he refuses to confirm it was the case.

There is a real quandary here.

The government and the company that manages this flight has dozens of ships and planes still searching from 10 countries that are getting frustrated.

A lot of criticism is growing about the way the malaysians are handling the situation.

I hear that they are the my desk handling it like domestic -- i hear that they are handling it like domestic politics.

They are doing it when they deem it right to tell us and they are mismanaging the crisis, that is what many are feeling and the chinese leaders and vietnam are saying that they want assistance from malaysia.

This is a country that wants to be deemed a developed nation in six years and needs to be more transparent.

There is a lack of transparency.

They are used to having a tight control and they are getting a lack of clear messages from the government.

They are getting a series of false leads and a question of court nation comes down to malaysian airlines that is government controlled.

It needs to be faster.

To be fair, the academics said it was hard to find and one academic is a director of terrorism and security studies at the aeronautical university.

He says there is no such thing as 100% accurate technology when you are flying over the water.

We need the press conference to give us some clarity to the situation.

We do not know when the plane was last spotted and it was turning a course.

We certainly do.

Thank you very much indeed.

The press conference will be starting shortly.

When it does, we will listen in and bring you key headlines as it develops.

Let us move on for the time being and turn our attention to developments in the international standoff over the ukraine.

In a diplomatic date at russia, the united states is hosting the new ukrainian prime minister at the white house.

Ryan chilcote joins us with more on what we can expect from the meeting.

A diplomatic date is a good way to describe it.

One thing that is on the table is a loan guarantee that we have been hearing for the last week or two.

A $1 billion loan guarantee.

The ukrainians are issuing debt

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