Is Malaysian Airlines Running on Empty?

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Aug. 28 (Bloomberg) – UBS Global Emerging Markets Equity Strategy Head Geoffrey Dennis discusses the Malaysian Airlines tragedies and potential lay off of a thousand Malaysia Air employees. He speaks with Tom Keene, Scarlet Fu and Brendan Greeley on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Hansell will be on "in the loop" this morning.

Malaysia airlines.

We had the two disasters within four months.

We are still trying to solve the first one.

They have started to narrow the area where they have been looking for the flight.

That continues.

The airline itself is struggling.

The company was supposed to report earnings.

We still have not gotten them across the wire.

What we know is that passengers are not taking malaysian airlines anymore and a lot of staff has quit because families don't feel safe with their loved ones traveling on it.

The airline business is tough enough as it is.

What we're learning is that it is not based on rational risk assessment.

It is based in an inchoate sense of trust.

Once that has been violated, it is impossible to get that back.

-- difficult to get that back.

The shooting down of the second jet was not its fault.

It was a pile on after what had happened.

The company is considering job cuts of up to 1/5 of its staff and replacing the ceo.

The parents -- the company is looking to go private and be delisted.

It is just heartbreaking.

I flew into kuala lumpur twice and i flew malaysia airlines.

Pride in airlines is tied into pride in the country.

I remember when swissair collapsed it was a national tragedy.

I have flown malaysia airlines at my travels around emerging markets.

Great experience.

The way i view it and this is not a macro or market view, but extraordinary tragical incident happened to be a malaysia airlines jet.

It could have been any other jet . it just piled it on.

Within your abilities, they will account for this with the full faith and credit of the very substantial unsuccessful malaysian government.

There will be another day for this carrier.

As there was for swissair.

Without any question.

Even now, we don't know what the outcome will be.

For the airline right now.

The malaysian government can afford to inject some money into it.

This is similar to swissair, but they had to rebrand.

They had to sell to the belgian airline.

There is a swiss airline.

Historically, people don't make a distinction.

The trouble with malaysia airlines is that before the two disasters, the company had been unprofitable for three straight years.

It was facing competition from low-fare regional carriers.

The same kind of routes.

It has not been a great

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