Malaysia Flight 370 Likely Foul Play: Falkenrath

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March 14 (Bloomberg) -- In today’s “Global Outlook” Bloomberg Contributing Editor Richard Falkenrath examines what we know about the missing Malaysia Air jet and his thoughts on the possibility of foul play on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”


It seems like more foul play is at work?

It is starting to look like foul play.

It is hard to see how so many things could go wrong.

If it is true the navigational transponders were turned off, that would require a deliberate act by somebody who knew what they were doing.

All signs point to follow play.

What is important to say is there are still a lot of contradictions in the publicly available information and fragmentary information.

We have not seen the last twist and turn in the story.

No, we have not, and i want to talk about the coordination.

There are several countries involved in this.

The united states is not leading the investigation.

It is the malaysian authority, the malaysian government that is . is that somewhat hampering things?

Malaysia is not known to be an extremely competent government, and this is a very complex investigation with several different tracks.

One looks at the aviation technology, and a second looks at the human element, the manifest, the history, if any of them had a motive, if they were connected to terrorist indicates . nonetheless, the governments are protective of their prerogatives and do not want other countries, including the united states, stomping around in their investigations.

You mentioned that on the airplane it looks like the systems were deliberately turned off.

Who has the right to do that?

It is a good question.

The pilot, or the ground crew acting in conjunction, or somebody who has a deep knowledge.

On the plane, it is just the pilot?

Presumably, just the pilot and copilot.

Those are the focal points.

Who are these guys, what were they up to, did they have motives to do this, any history of connection with terrorist organizations, a psychological history of problems?

Suicide is a possibility.

There have been other cases where pilots have committed suicide by crashing the plane, but this is almost too complicated for that.

That would have been a sudden action where people could not have reacted, but if the airplane was flying for several hours, what was going on?


It points to possibly a hijacking, maybe a kidnapping of one of the passengers, theft, extortion, or terrorist attack, and it is conceivable the plane would be used in the style of a 9/11 attack, flown into a skyscraper or something, but we have no evidence of these scenarios.

If it was a terrorist attack, something along the lines of a 9/11, would we not have heard chatter?

What do not have been other types of correspondence?

-- would there not have been other types of correspondence?

Not exactly.

If it is a terrorist plot, it is unusual to be done in isolation by a single individual.

Usually there is a network of orchestration behind them, and that would be 18 interest of the government to find out who is behind it in the event they might do it again.

And you believe we will find it?

Eventually we get to the bottom of these things.

This is already gone on for far longer than anybody anticipated.

I am confident we will get to the bottom at some point.

Thank you, richard falkenrath, or bloomberg contributed editor.

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