Making the Case for the Keystone XL Pipeline

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July 17 (Bloomberg) -- Christine Tezak, managing director at Clearview Energy Partners, discusses the positive elements of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

Good morning.

I think it is a little bit overstated.

If you look at a situation where you have an overwhelming amount of crude going into a particular market and capacity that could make it more valuable input on gasoline and diesel into the broader market, it would seem that is something we would want to do as a country.

It would be good for us in taking the opportunity and move it forward.

To govern." wha ttom suggested is it will be exported.

-- what tom suggested is it will be exported.

The price of oil, they want to get it at the same price that is on the global markets, not the united states.

That is an interesting point of view.

What he does not mention is oil , crude oil is a short supply good here in the united states and we do not export crude.

There's nothing that we have seen that suggest the obama administration has any intention of changing that particular approach.

What they would like to do is an energy policy, whether it is for natural gas or oil where we can add gas to it.

Whether retarded into plastics or gasoline that generates jobs and economic activity here in the united states.

Certainly there are members of the oil community that would be willing and able to bring crude commodity to market, but right now it seems the policy is to export finished policy project finished product.

Let me bring forth another argument.

The response of what i was singing, there have been government reports that have noted the pipeline will be climate neutral so to speak.

It will not impact if any more than the alternative.

On july 6 there was a terrible railcar lotion carrying oil and 50 people were killed.

The three ways they felt they could automatically moved the tar sands oil to market if they did not approve this pipeline for the pipeline to the west coast, real, or trucks.

There is a real question about whether they can get the oil to market with that the keystone xl pipeline.

He is saying that one of the bill.

Does not mean it will be climate neutral.

What do you say about that?

To go i think rejected is a pretty strong word.

What the government said is they could not support the pipeline if the project sponsor was not going to meet five conditions, which included adopting best in class spill response.

Those are reasonable expectations.

So i would quibble with him on that.

Second, we're going to need real as a mode of transportation for our oil and other liquids that may move throughout the economy in north america.

It is a tragedy what happened in quebec, and something that needs to be investigated in need to solve the problems associated with that accident come up but when you look at the incredible increase, that is a very natural response of the economy to take advantage of an opportunity.

To suggest it goes to 0 today does not seem to be quite accurate.

Think you for joining us.

Clearly there will be more debate on the pipeline.

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