Making a Creative Vision a Profitable Reality

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July 17 (Bloomberg) -- Villency Design Group CEO Eric Villency discusses the technology behind interior design with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

A designer for a furniture manufacturer is remaking commercial real estate.

I talked to him about how he takes a creative vision and tries to turn it into a profitable investment.

Technologies really are cool.

We are able to have many different disciplines, and whether it is using something for a wallpaper design or a product on a piece of paper, we can create the models and can actually manufactured and implement the product.

Your history in the world of real estate comes back from your grandfather, from italy, and he was able to start a very successful furniture company.

Tell us about that?


I grandfather was an artist, and he could not make a living painting, so he ended up becoming a furniture maker.

Hand craftsmanship.

He was also a very good businessman.

He was able to of vote -- evaluate real estate that was about you.

You have turned those holdings into something that is valuable and alive, not just a warehouse.

Trying to maximize the value.

We are working on a lot of hotel developments.

There was a deep instructor architecture, a west coast sensibility.

New york.

Long island.


I knew this was the makings of something very special.

You can come and drop your kids off and go work out, and you can get 8 juice -- a juice and have your hair blown out.

And you designed the bicycle.

They are my client.

I have to respond it to their deadline.

We are fortunate because we have great relationships, and i think everyone trusts are creative sensibility.

When it came to sould cycle, they said they were looking at london and malibu.

They really believed in the concept of what we were building, and similarly, when we wanted to create the bike, there was the idea that we require to be able to execute on that project, and once we had that relationship, i think our portfolio took off.

We can also manufactured with a global manufacturing expertise, and also, this is unusual.

You cannot do any of this without having the kind of stability, at least in the real estate market, to make this kind of stuff happen.

Is this money available to make this stuff work?

Post 2007, the world was in a tough -- a tough place.

We decided we were going to invest in upgrading facilities.

We were fortunate enough to create these brands, service branch come to come in, and we were able -- not you were able to put your money into it?

The entire project.

If we were not able to do that, i am not sure we would be able to, because particularly right after 2007, it was impossible.

What about building out?

What is the next step?

Have you tested it?

Are you going to will without some more else?

This is an interesting concept, and this is something that is a good times and bad times investment.

There are components to it.

20 or 30 years ago, all about the retail.

The economic downturn.

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