Makers of `Candy Crush’ File for an IPO

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Feb. 18 (Bloomberg) –- Magid Advisors President Mike Vorhaus and Bloomberg’s Leslie Picker and Julie Hyman discuss Candy Crush Creators filing for an IPO with Matt Miller and Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)


There has been tons of media speculation.

This morning we see they do file . i think what they were waiting for is to diversify the product offering.

Candy crushes of a comrade in for the company and wanted time to launch new games.

Things like pet rescue us to show investors they can do more than candy crush.

I have never played candy crush.

Julie has never played candy crush.

I am beginning to wonder -- 93 million people.

A lot of people play it.

Where are they?

I am on the subway and people play it next to meet.

They have introduced new games.

People do not lay very many of them.

If you look at where they get the revenue, 95% of it is from three games.

78% is from candy crush allowing.

They are very reliant on a handful of games.

"farmville" was one big success at zynga -- but zynga challenge the company.

"farmville" seemed to me to be slightly revolutionary or break through in some terms.

This does not have a sleek look.

Looks like something you would pick up the tj maxx or marshall's. the game is like tetris.

Not exactly a new concept.

I want to defriend people who play it.

How important is it to generate new content homage to come up with new games?

Or why would we think the company would ever come up with something again after the game that does not -- i am not enthusiastic about it.

Who is?

This is a very crowded field.

King is going into an entirely new world they are not used to.

But the kings, queens, dukes.

A very crowded kingdom.

There have been a lot of successes.

Zynga, kabam.

It is like what have you done for me lately, right?

Investors want to know what is next.

They want to know you have a proven track record to come out with hit after hit.

What is next for the company?

King hasn't laid out for me the game the intent to make.

I expect them to continue to make casual games.

They have done very well with the micro-transactions within candy crush.

They have elongated candy crush.

Look at super cell.

They have people playing for a year and a half at this point.

There is a lot of really big money here.

Plus, king has good international experience.

They have a skill-based cash gaming business, which would help them segue into real money gambling.

They clearly need to bang out more hits.

They are a gaming company.

Zynga i do not know we would hold up as a success.

I was looking at the numbers in terms of users.

It looks like "farmville" peaked around 84 million users and was then overtaken.

People forget about city bill.

And actually had as many members, users, but people -- they have had to cut people for example.

You are camp lies in yourself effectively.

It is something they can happen and people are fickle.

They want the next cool thing to play.

People are not busy.

I wonder if you draft the use six unemployment rate in the amount of people on these games if you would see any correlation.

How about the weather?

Who plays candy crush?

Apparently no one that knows him.

It really is a four quadrant game.

Men and women.

A little older than younger.

A lot of the people that we like to call walmart moms.

People who watch soap operas.

I guess matt does not know a lot of walmart moms.

I went to my first walmart a couple of weeks ago.

I do not know if there is a walmart in the area and i lived in europe for 10 years.

I would go back.

Thanks then you might be married to a woman who plays candy crush.

Thank you.

Before we say goodbye to everyone, give us a sense of the ipo market and whether we are seeing more things in the pipeline.

This is one of the first social media and the social trend since twitter.

We have a textbook money that came out and you can do classwork on the internet, but it is assigned that the ipo market remains strong with improvement in the stock market.

More growth companies coming out.

This is certainly one of them.

Hold that thought.

Taking a quick break.

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