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Sept. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Cornerstone Capital Inc. Founder and CEO Erika Karp discusses making capital more accessible for small and medium-sized enterprises. She speaks with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

From my standpoint, i'm looking to be involved in a mission that really is about the best of what financial services can do.

From my vantage point, it really is about accelerating the velocity of money.

We're thinking about stimulating economic growth, corporate excellence, enhanced analytics , incorporating environmental, social and government conscience inside all the work that finance is intended to do.

What that means is you just want to make sure that a worthy business can get hold of the capital it needs to go to the next level, and that it's not just any business, but it is a business that is being run with best standards and practices for its sector.

That is right.

You have to look within a sector and see what most material in terms of the economic and financial outcomes for a company.

What we have seen is that there appears to be a gap in the timing and scale of capital available to small and medium- sized enterprises which are pursuing sustainable growth and development.

My firm is intended to fill that gap.

I can imagine that the bigger ones suck up all the oxygen.

Your point is that small and medium-sized ones may have problems getting the attention of bankers.

Leading up to devils -- i said on the global agenda council.

-- davos -- i sit on the global agenda council.

What are the most pivotal questions.

Leading into it, when we were in dubai, this was the question as my agenda council framed it.

It struck me as compelling.

Can you give me an example of one thing you will do?

And then one thing you will not do?

We will go with a positive first.

There is a multitude of things on both sides.

One thing we will do is inside of our research, our investment research, we will articulate environmental, social, and government imperatives and excellence and figure out which companies are making the most progress in corporate excellence in everything they do.

That is one positive takeaway as far as lessons.

We have them from every field, of what i will never do again.

What would that be?

I will aspire to having extraordinary engagement of our employees.

We need to manage people, create jobs and opportunities where people can really think about what their aspirations are, what can they do, what could we know, what should we behave like.

What is it like to be an entrepreneur after 20 plus years on wall street?

It is extraordinary.

I have had the privilege of being on various steep learning curves as a director of research for so many years.

The learning curve is incredible.

We know from all the imperial collaborative -- empirical collaborative that consciousness needs to be incorporated from the beginning.

To create jobs, aspirational jobs, that is probably the single most compelling thing for me.

How scalable is your business?

That also speaks to potential for future job creation.

Alternately, you want to have a business that is completely scalable.

When i think about the strategies inside the mission of mainstreaming sustainable finance, one of our strategies is sustainable capital introductions.

That is the next generation of investment banking, making sure that -- i talk about the velocity of money, making sure the money is going to new business models that are facilitating sustainable growth and development.

Erika karp, founder and ceo of cornerstone capital.

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