Made Fashion Week Boosts Next Wave of Designers

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Feb. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Keith Baptista, managing director at Made Fashion Week, discusses the importance of boosting young fashion designers and striking the right balance with corporate sponsors on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”


Tell us about your involvement in fashion week against many people feel like it is this unattainable, lincoln center only for the fashion elite.

Fashion week is quite diverse.

Lincoln center is an important part, but there are other programs that happened during the week.

This is something we started in 2008 during the economic downturn to support the young, creative community.

We raised dollars and give young designers free shows.

We give them a platform to present collections.

One of your cofounders has said this has started out as a passion project that has turned into a business.

But it still is a passion project for us.

We own our own businesses but we formed this to support the cumulative -- the creative community.

We build digital platforms for the designers.

We work with the corporate partners very closely in terms of their strategy and how they want to integrate.

What are you getting from them?

What are they paying you?

Hopefully being successful in growing into bigger designers eventually and perhaps being able to collaborate with us in the future.

The fashion business is core to the individual business.

If they're successful, we are successful in the long run.

You make the distinction between partners and long-run.

You say the event has sponsors.

Big flashy sponsors.

You guys do a classier thing.

Why the distinction?

It is a philosophy.

I think it is very important for us.

Our designer stay with us for several seasons and we want to make sure they grow.

The partners have to look at things long-term.

We look for them not to put the logo on the wall but find ways to support designers in what they do.

We put your partners on the screen, macy's and others.

These are established, they get businesses.

She is so cool that is not even hit for her.

How do you keep that balance between finding these big corporate sponsors with the partners -- the pockets and keep in that rough around the edges image?

We are not afraid to say no.

We will not have a sponsor, and for the wrong reasons.

If they came in with the right point of view, we would be open to that.

We have developed a collections with macy's. they were inspired by the idea of the culture that exist that made fashion week.

What are the young bloggers wearing and photographers wearing?

What do you mean you have developed a collection of macy's? it is called made fashion week for macy's. we have developed a trend collection and have been with them a year now.

The financial benefit from the collection -- you go to the immense and they are full of hipsters.

Hipsters are not shopping at macy's. we have new york fashion week here in the city, but there is also people interested in fashion in miami and los angeles.

It you're not worried it will elude the brand?

We have a lot of people involved in the community involved in the collection.

What designers are you showing this week?

The blondes showing tonight.

We have had a lot of menswear designers sunday.

You on jeremy scott.

-- own jeremy scott.

I was not invited.

How does lincoln square feel about what you are doing -- lincoln center.

I think we're in such different markets because we deal with the younger, creative class and work with these people not only in showing that showing that digital platforms.

I think the designers showing are more established and have larger businesses.

A very different thing.

The one thing that has the buzz, designers are pulling out.

It needs array branding.

What do you make of that, the fact that the establishment is going out of the established events?

I cannot speak to their business or what they are doing, but i think designers make individual decisions for what is right for their businesses and sometimes it means designing for what is right for their space.

You think it is all about finding the right space it?

Not sure i believe you on

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