Macy’s Wins Martha Stewart Living Battle Over JCP

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June 17 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Julie Hyman reports on a conclusion to the product battle between J.C. Penney and Macy’s as a judge ruled that J.C. Penney should not be penalized for interfering with a deal by Macy’s to sell good from Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In the Loop.”

Macy's gets vindicated but it is not clear whether they are going to get any punitive damages.

The judge in the case says jcpenney has been punishe d enough.

He says their strategy was a failure.

Determination of the strategic alliance with mslo underscored how ill-conceived it was, to the point where it placed jcp on the verge of collapse.

Perhaps they have been punished enough for the other strategy and we all know what has happened with jcpenney over the last several years after ron johnson took over.

He wanted to have stores w ithin a store anchored by martha stewart living products.

That failed.

He said it was clear that jcp was in the wrong.

He says the facts underscore how over the top the efforts were in jcp's pursuit of mslo.

The evidence compels me to find out that they were in the wrong.

There was an ethical and legal breach in the situation.

What happens now?

Macy's says we are happy but the judge declined to rule on any damages, he kicked back to an independent committee to figure out whether jcp will have to pay any monetary amount to macy's in this case.

Sound like this is not the end of.

It by any means.

It is not the very end, we have the conclusion.

Both stores for the moment still carry the products.

Jcpenney's relationship with martha stewart will be more brief than that of macy's. if you look at how the two companies have done, certainly the martha stewart partnership did not give jcpenney any sort of edge.

The company has really been struggling.

In its most recent quarter it did see a rebound in sales.

We will see if that continues.

Macy's has remained an out performer on a relative basis when it comes to other retailers.

Thank you so much, julie hyman, our senior markets correspondent.

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