Macy’s to Open Thanksgiving for Black Friday Sales

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Oct. 15 (Bloomberg) -- In "Company News," Bloomberg's Scarlet Fu reports on the top stories of the day. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Yield financing, there just isn't that kind of confidence in the future.

The overlay is a tepid gdp which we are seeing right now.

Scarlet fu on this morning has company news.

Let's talk about uk investigators.

There are in during in on richard usher who is at the center of an investigation over alleged currency manipulation according to people's knowledge of the matter.

While usher has you location in london since 2010, this investigation focuses on his time as a trader at rbs.

His ties to traders and other firms are being examined.

The struggling smartphone maker is taking out newspaper ads and 30 publications saying it is making difficult changes to strengthen the company.

Blackberry vows not to ignore the challenges that it faces.

Macy's is joining the crowd.

The department store operator will open it 8 p.m. on thanksgiving to try to grab some black friday shoppers.

Last sunday your member walmart and toys "r" us are those retailers joining the trend of opening on thanksgiving night.

Analysts say that the early start to be crucial this year as the holiday shopping season is one week shorter than last year.

That is the company news.

Up at macy's do line up on the herald square site or do let up on the other side.

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