Macy's Is Early Black Friday Winner Over JCP: Sozzi

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Nov. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Belus Capital Advisors CEO Brian Sozzi discusses Black Friday retail sales on Bloomberg Television's "The Pulse." (Source: Bloomberg)

Brian is in full analytical mode.

About 30 minutes outside manhattan.

He joins us on the line.

What retail verse you checked in on?

What are we seeing?

We checked in over 10 retailers so far starting on what we're calling here gray thursday.

Best buy, wal-mart, abercrombie and fitch.

We wanted to get a feel of where people are shopping and not shopping.

It is of course critical to the christmas season and where most retailers make their money.

What is on your black friday to do list?

We're going to see what teens are out there buying.

If their parents are buying them clothes.

If the teens themselves are buying clothe.

One of the key indicators is the bag indicator.

They want to see if people are carrying bags.

I want to know what companies they are going to and if those bags are full.

The shopper is very cerebral.

These are people coming to the stores clutching circulars as if they were going to get stolen out of their hands.

Not a lot of shopping on higher priced aisles.

Talk to me about jcpenneys.

Battling one another now.

Jcpenney came out pretty aggressively in terms of their door buster.

They have decent traffic.

The home dependent about 11% of sales.

Likes like a ghost town, pretty much as it looked the entire year.

Macy's is doing what they do best.

Getting traffic on top brands.

That customer is a higher income

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