Macy’s Cutting 2,500 Jobs

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Jan. 8 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Adam Johnson, Alix Steel and Cory Johnson report on Macy’s cutting 2,500 jobs and closing 5 stores on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Some not fun things to talk about, macy's cutting 2500 jobs, just coming out with earnings, saying that they earned an eps of 440 to 400 50 per share.

Estimates were for 436. they are anticipating cost savings of $100 million per year because of these job cuts.

Exactly what you do not want to hear, cutting jobs and saving money.

That is main street versus wall street.

Cutting jobs to improve the earnings picture.

One quarter, two.

Talking about things that are far out, it makes me wonder what the quarter is looking like and think and that maybe it is not that strong.

The holidays are looking bad.

Mcdonald's, burger king, facing some struggles.

The rich getting richer.

High-end retail doing very well.

The fact that economic policy has been to boost the stock market, continually getting more disparate, not helping some retailers like macy's. j.c. penney, also, coming out with similar same-store sales.

I am a macy's customer.

I am a macy's gal, too.

This bothers me.

Part of the problem is that everything is on sale all the time.

Great for me, bad for earnings.

They are a great outfit, as far as i'm concerned.

The summary here, macy's is coming out, saying that they are raising their earnings forecast for 2015, looking at estimates originally that were for 436 per share, reporting that cost savings is coming from the jobs that they will be cutting, five stores that will be cut -- closing.

Certainly an education on the challenges that retail is facing.

At the end of the day, people are looking at the numbers.

We have another retailer to talk about?

Barnes & noble promoted their

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