Macy's App Aimed at Shoppers on the Go: Reardon

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Sept. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Martine Reardon, chief marketing officer at Macy's, discusses the company's marketing push to mobile with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

This show about engagement.

You have an app, and i wonder what that does in terms of communication with the customer.

The app is the great way for shoppers on the go to be able to multitask and to shop walking down the street am a while she is on a subway or on the street on her way to work.

It is the latest we have out there, what values we have in a given day, new cosmetic products.

Is this absolutely necessary?

I believe it is.

In this day and age when the customer is so multitasking, to bring macy's right in the palm of her hand as opposed to always having to come into the store.

It is always about the macy's brand.

Whatever way you engage, if you do it through your mobile device and shop through the app, or if you come into one of our stores, or using the laptop or desktop, we want to make it as easy as possible.

You have done so well, relative to a lot of competitors . i wonder what it is in your marketing method that has resonated so well.

I think it is so many things.

We are an approachable brand that offers great fashion and value.

When you can do all of those things and present them in a interesting and creative way and make them so accessible for the consumers to engage with them, i think that is a great part of our success.

In addition to having great products that really work.

You have to keep up with different types of markets, like facebook, twitter.

Have you come up with something unique?

Yes, and it is the job of the chief marketing officer to understand all those channels and the role they play in the consumers life.

We do a lot of research with our consumers and try to understand what is best for her.

And then we create to that.

We are a national brand, but very localized at the same time.

We do try to think of the individual customers and how best they will use the information we give them.

But -- what do you think about twitter?

I love all my children.

I think of facebook and twitter and other social media as my children.

It is not favoring one or the other.

It is about where the customers are.

Because we are such a big brand, the customers are everywhere.

We try to be where she is.

Is there a piece of data that is more valuable than another?

I think we have done a good job of understanding our customer.

We are very fortunate to have a very loyal customer base.

We are a brand that has been around for 156 years.

There is a trust level out there . what piece of data is that?

We see what her favorite things are.

We have customers who really love jewelry, who really love handbags.

And then i have customers who love handbags and shoes and children's clothing.

It is about understanding what customer likes which category of business, and then hoping to continue to feed her the categories that she enjoys.

Thank you very much.

Thank you very much, cory

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