Macy's 4Q Sales Rose 1.4%, Misses Estimates

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Feb. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Julie Hyman reports on Macy's earnings on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Our newsroom.

Remember macy's came at a couple weeks ago and said that its numbers were not necessarily going to be up to snuff.

It said it would be doing some reorganizing.

Now that it is coming out with the actual numbers, they are ahead of estimates.

217 is what analysts had been anticipating.

A rising 1.4% in the fourth quarter.

The estimate was for a gain of 2.5%. here's what seems to have gone on at macy's. during the holiday season, the retailer was stronger than many of its competitors at time when most retailers were struggling.

Because of the still struggling consumer and because of the weather.

That weather affecting in january.

Macy's appears to have had a stronger holiday season but the fact that those same store sales are missing estimates is likely because of the weaker january.

I january that most retailers had.

That weather affect really hitting many of these companies.

If it's snowing outside and the roads are bad, people were simply staying home.

How is macy's holding up compared to its competitors?

It has been doing better here.

This earnings per share number means that it is able to ring in more profits out of the sales it does do than many of its competitors.

Part of that has to do with macy's size as the biggest department store retailer in the country.

It has agreements with suppliers and it has to be more promotional.

Offer more sales.

It can have some sort of pushback and its agreements with suppliers so they may have to eat some of the added cost of offering things at a discount.

It also has a larger private label business.

Things under various macy's brand.

That can be a higher margin business as well.

It has more operating leverage, if you will, than some of the other department store companies.

Before we go, online business for macy's. that is growing pretty well.

It is growing pretty well also.

It is 11% of the company's business according to scott galloway, a marketing professor at nyu.

He says that there is a relatively high level of engagement with the consumer.

This is something that i heard from person after person i spoke to head of this report when there was analysis that macy's online business across multiple channels, internet, and, etc., that it is stronger than other competitors.

Thank you so much.

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