M&A to Grow Without Market Tail Risks: Jullier

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Oct. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Antonin Jullier, global head of equity trading strategy at Citigroup, discusses why he sees growth in the M&A market and examines global equity markets. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.”

Global equities.

You can't talk specific companies.

This points to the values in emerging markets.


As you pointed out, one of the reasons we go back up is because we removed things from the market.

That was a resolution.

In this context, the great rotation is happening by corporate.

Verizon was able to raise money pretty easily.

We are seeing that across-the- board.

Companies can now send that that is cheap to raise and we have to take advantage of the disconnect and equity valuations.

It is fair to say.

Deduct market -- the dutch market is not protecting minorities.

Some of us are -- it does not mean that they will deny going forward.

I was going to ask it.

This is not a big north american company going out of europe.

This is the dutch not wanting to be taken over.

Pretty much.

Give me another sense of something that looked like it isn't better territory.

When you compare to the rest the world, the u.s. stock seems to traded from.

-- trade at a premium.

On a 1-3 months basis, we have to take some of the expectations down to keep going.

Away from that, it has been about rethinking high yields.

I understand the emerging-market exposures.

That is the short leg of what we have been looking at.

On japan?

Japan has been interesting.

We have three arrows.

We think a big research report about the three arrows and sustainability of the government.

As we see the third arrow being deployed and some of the reforms, it will be painful.

They could be famous last words.

I remain bullish on japan.

The question is about the yen in the currency markets.

My feeling is that it will be held by monetary easing and that means the nikkei goes up.

That is something that is inside.


Thanks for all that.

Coming up, banks are under

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