EU Companies Look to U.S. for Profitable M&A

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Aug. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Matthew Campbell reports on possible M&A between U.S. and EU corporations. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Looking for americans.

And appliance unit and a biotech company may be snatched up.

Here is more.

Let's kick off with ge and the appliance unit.

This is about the chief executive trying to turn it into more of a manufacturer of big capital goods.

They invented the electric toaster.

A useful thing to have.

They are trying to get out of a low margin business and stop the future is power plants or rail equipment.

They are trying to offload this.

Something else that many of us will have to look up his 14. it is a start up.

What is next?

Next is a transaction that they have agreed to that will take a long time and they will try to spin off the consumer finance business in the company -- the country -- company that almost sank ge.

They've looked like they made appointment and were not an industrial company.

The chief executive is going to retire and we will have to see the direction that they go in after that.

Does this sound like the inversion of inversions?

I think that if you are a european company, you have to understand that we have seen discouraging data and if you want to do this, you can go west, as well is east.

Let's turn to travel and the company announcing a jump in profit this morning.

Joining us by phone is the chief executive.

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