Lyft Moves Into Uber’s NYC Territory

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July 9 (Bloomberg) -- Uber is facing a fresh pair of challenges in its largest market, from a deal to cap prices in New York to the entry of competitor Lyft. Matt Miller reports on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)


There's a new player in new york's taxi and car service war.

Car summoning start up lyft plans to launch in new york city this week, taking on rival uber, one of the biggest u.s. markets is right here in new york.

This will be about ridesharing.

The news comes after uber's announcement this week that it cut prices by 20%, claiming its service is now cheaper than new york taxis -- it is.

If you watched the bloomberg intern segment, they took it to the test and it is cheaper.

I took it with my family last night.

It is dramatically cheaper.

And better.

That rating system.

You have to rate the driver and they rate you.

I am on my best behavior.

We have an exclusive.

You just said "family." you're getting serious.


We have to bring in matt miller.

The most shocking thing that tom revealed is that he took uberx, the cheaper version.

I do not even know uberx existed.

I was going suv.

Lyft is something you will never encounter.

That's not true.

Before uber existed, we were in the gnarly asked taxicabs.

Assuming you're not in the black car chauffeured, which you probably were most of the time -- never.

Uber is about being in a lincoln town car or maybe even a mercedes, and suv -- you can be in a camry.

You can if you take uberx, their cheapest audit, designed to compete with lyft.

A camry, accord.

That is what lyft offers.

That is not what any of us is likely to take, although, tom keene did the other day.

Before uber existed, we were taking taxis are the somewhat or god forbid the bus, i was a camry is better.

I agree.

Taxis are totally uncomfortable, poorly regulated, awful inefficient system and hopefully, these two companies and their competitors break that system.

Lyft is a different service.

It is for brooklyn and queens, places you should really go.

Lyft will be the lower-priced class there.

Stefanie stays in manhattan,

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