LVMH 3Q Revenue Misses Estimates

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Oct. 16 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Manus Cranny reports on LVMH’s disappointing earnings for the third quarter and their battle for balance and growth. He speaks to Anna Edwards and Mark Barton on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Does this reflect a slowdown in the luxury industry?

A love affair has been made in what people are looking for in luxury.

It might be more than a temporary blip.

The numbers tell a clerestory.

Over all, -- the numbers tell a clear story.

It is the iconic lv brand.

The revenue missed and sales missed.

There is a growth rate.

They were looking for a growth of 10%. these are definitely slowing down.

It is a battle for balance.

There's the luggage and handbag business.

It is under pressure.

They're trying to balance.

Mark jacobs is off to set up his own business.

There is a creative director.

When you look at the fashion and leather business, sales grew by 4%. it is dipping where they grew 5%. when you look into that analytics into this business, the real organic growth, 90% in this quarter, is coming from selective retail.

We have got the so for a brand, le bon marche.

That is where the organic growth is coming through at night binges sent.

And champagne had a moderately good -- what about the risk to his strategy going forward?

Small, small, small, and paying a premium.

That seems to be the risk.

That builds the stable of talent . it does not add immediately to the bottom line.

If he carried a bag, it would be an oversized tote.

It would hold every one of his green aspirations, but not change the bottom line.

He owns 64% of the company.

48% of the vote.

He can pretty much maneuver whatever he wants.

It will not move the needle in the numbers.

They do not move the numbers.

The next step is to move away from being too ubiquitous.

They are moving towards hyper look sure he.

-- hyper luxury.

The artwork for hyper -- they ar e going for hyper luxury.

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