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Nov. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Caryn Franklin, co-founder of All Walks Beyond The Catwalk, examines the state of luxury fashion, H&M’s partnership with Lady Gaga, the success of Burberry and the importance of demand from China. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse”

Cofounder of the advocacy group all walks be on the catwalk.

Talk to me about h&m. we will go towards this fast fashion.

H&m seems to be getting it right.

They have great designers like isabel marant, they're moving into digital.

Is this success?

They have got a story, that is what people want.

They don't want corporatized creativity.

They want something that has meaning, individuals who stand for something.

The latest acquisition, isabel marant, is very much about easy, casual style of dressing.

This comes at a point where -- against the backdrop of hyper sexualization of celebrities and musicians.

She is in a place where everybody has gone.

She has got very desirable content, she stands for something other than just fast turnover.

She is opinionated.

The clothes have more political content.

H&m very cleverly always picks up on this dialogue and brings people into deliberate for them.

In many ways, it is not different from the approach to working with designers and allowing them to bring their signature style and and mass produce it.

They do it in a way that allows for a lot more germanic press.

-- dramatic press.

You talk about dialogue.

We look at these companies in terms of earnings and price per share.

But luxury companies that works are the ones where i want to buy the jacket wear the necklace from.

How is burberry doing?

Fashion is all about dialogue.

Burberry recognizes that using digital platforms in order to broadcast their message and speak to individuals is crucial.

When they first began, there was a kind of -- it is all about feeling and engaging with the craft.

What was digital going to add?

They proved everybody wrong.

Christopher bailey is a creative visionary.

He understands his market.

Bringing in these high tech screens, allowing for the embedding of technology, when you hold it up to the screens, you get the story of craft.

You can engage with that online also.

They get them back, they have revolutionized the way catwalk is played out.

They showcase their own story in a cinematic way.

People can engage with it immediately afterwards.

They can order their own garments.

If you can engage with their price range, suddenly you have entered into doorstep have.

Sleep in shot -- doors that have previously been shot.

They have embraced technology.

There is a perception that this was angela ahrendts, that is why she is moving to apple, because she was so in love with digital and so avant-garde.

You think it's christopher bailey?

It is collaboration.

The best things happen when people share ideas.

Christopher bailey will have recognized the way people want to interact with clothes.

Angela ahrendts recognized the logistics involved in the digital playing out.

Both of them create -- have created a brilliant success story that everybody else is looking to -- not replicate, but how do they bring that into their world?

Caryn, we have so many fashion houses, a lot of them are doing well thanks to demand in china.

I guess china will make or break a company.

Who is getting it right?

Do we have to sell to the chinese differently than europeans or americans?

We need to take stock as an industry.

We cannot export eurocentric imagery that has no meaning.

A sizing system that does not recognize the different shape of bodies.

The customer is diverse, the marketplace is diverse.

We really need to address that.

That is something that we take through all walks beyond the catwalk into our education of students.

In order to engage from the heart, not just in a churn out fashion, you need to work out what the consumer wants.

Caryn, thank you for that

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