Lululemon's `Lulule-Man': Push Into Menswear

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July 25 (Bloomberg) -- J. Rogers Kniffen Worldwide Enterprises Jan Rogers Kniffen and Bloomberg Contributing Editor Jeffrey Hayzlett discuss Lululemon's plans to have mens stores by 2016 with Julie Hyman on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

's yoga wear maker -- is trying to stretch its image at gilmore two men.

-- to men.

Lulu shares are down this session.

Bloomberg contributor -- they are here to discuss.

The problems are broader.

Such as broader -- quality control.

As someone who watches retail, can we make that turn?

Can they make that expansion to the world category?

Any word, no.

They are going to try.

We will see what kind of growth they get.

There is nike and under armour.

Do you really care when it is 30% more expensive?

Is going going to be a tough sell.

I am worried about lulu for other reasons.

At the mall, you see everyone selling yoga wear.

Macy's has it, american eagle has it.

Gap body.

You name it.

They are trying to sell yoga wear.

They are the most copy brands out there.

They have been selling men's clothing since 1998. most people do not know that.

It is percent of their total market.

They have been out there selling it.

The difficulty is not whether -- i asked guys.

They said, it is not so much the fact that it is a woman's brain, but the fact that it cost so much.

Or then it is a luxury brand.

They can get the shorts for $24 at nike.

That was the big thing for them.

A lot of guys like the steak they have.

-- they are not a sport ran pretty are a luxury brand.

If you look at their square footage, they have been the third best producers.

The only others are tiffany and apple.

Getting back to what they were saying, it is going to be tough to make the transition in a crowded field.

I own son.

I like the stuff.

It is too expensive for the market.

I do not think most guys my stinking.

As not a selling feature.

They are going to have a hard time getting attention to drive it in its separate store.

They been selling stuff for men forever.

It hasn't done that well for them.

[laughter] getting me into the position is the problem.

I want to ask you guys, at the same time we have been trying to market to men, we have under armour trying to get into the women's business.

Lulu cannot crossover one way.

It is much easier for them to do that.

You cannot look at brand after brand.

There is been more of a man's brand over time that has gone over to female.

It is much difficult to get men to switch to women's brands.

Sexism is alive and well.

It is always been that way.

It is always going to be that way.

You are a marketing do we pray they have been trying to sell close to men.

-- close to thes to men.

Where they went to realize it is not worth it?

It is still a good growth market.

They can make a go, that is still a lot of money.

The margins are ready good on this project.

It is very good for them.

It is all upset.

They have had this controversy about the see-through pants, which should have been a no- brainer.

You should have caught this in your production.

You should've caught this.

Someone should have known.

Inspected by inspector 16. do they have the same kinds of processes in place when it comes to picking new products?

As a marketer, i would do studies and test the market.

I would go to different stores and see that is going going to work first.

I do not know with the choices they are making, really stupid stuff that should be very simple.

There been management changes.

Who do you want to see in charge of lulu lemon?

What direction should the company be going?

This company needs to grow.

Any step quality control work it is growing faster.

Probably too fast to sustain that.

They need a real good person in the control site.

Cap have good -- they have to have good marketing.

They need to replace people with strong operational and marketing.

That is hard right now.

Is there someone out there?

There is always someone out there.

There is always great talent.

They can find them.

It is a good brand.

Talk to people in canada, where they are from, they love this brand.

Everyone that goes and buys this product loves the product.

A wife -- my wife loves this product.

They have stickiness without question.

They neither mojo back.

-- they need their mojo back.

Given the multiples they carried great if the growth slows down, it has got to come from someplace.

They are going to need to find a good retail operator.

That is what they need here.

Even with the controversy, she is cashing out $25 million in her pocket.

They have got to find somebody who can get into this a day-to- day.

They're going to have to look at changing their culture.

They speak in a different language.

If you're going to market to men, they have short language that is not appeal to men.

You're a macho guy.

I do not know.

Maybe they should hire me -- you.

I am ready.

We are having a little yoga class after the show.

I'm going to send my staff people.

Thank you for coming in.

Lovely discussion of lululemon.

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