Lululemon Plans to Have Men's Stores by 2016

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July 25 (Bloomberg) -- Lindsey Rupp reports on the the fifth annual Wall Street Decathlon and explains why the mostly male participants will be wearing Lululemon Athletica shirts and shorts. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

Those are some of the numbers will look on after the close.

Thank you, julie hyman.

On the story was starbucks, getting into the grocery store aisles, i guess i have to get into costco.

They are in costco.

You can get bags of coffee.

Let's talk about yoga where, lululemon.

It is taking aim at wall street jocks to get men inside their stores and clothing.

We are joined by lindsay.

They have a face-off against under armour.

It is trying to get into events like the wall street the catalan -- decathlon.

The contestants are mostly men, wall street jocks.

They are providing of the classes as well for these men and women to help them prepare for the competition.

They are trying to get their name out there more.

They have sponsored the u.s. men's beach volleyball team in the 2012 olympics.

They were wearing lululemon.

It is about brand recognition and getting people to try the product.

In your story, you talk to men who say they liked the fact that the logo is not so prominent, that people don't know they're wearing lululemon.


The logo is really small.

They like the clothing and they think it is comfortable.

It hides your sweat.

It hides her fat.

Does does not look like you are wearing lululemon.

Is there a growth market for men's yoga pants?

It is not just about him.

They are trying to get into kinds of sports as well.

They make running shirts, a lot of different clothing that you can wear , it is a crowded field.

The market for men's yoga where probably is not very big.

Is untapped so far.

Give us an update on sheer gates and the trap dust pants that were transparent.

The pants are back in stores and they are fixed.

I have not gone to try any on, so i do not know.

It is up important that you get the right size.

That is the point that people were making, they were too small.

Yes, they were overly stretched.

They have not named anyone yet as the ceo.

So we will see who takes over leadership.

What will be the biggest challenge at lululemon?

Is it expanding to other markets like men?

They want to go overseas and break into man and open men's only stores by 2016. it is a lot of growth really quickly.

With a new ceo, it will be interesting to see how much they can grow.

Thank you so much, a great story.


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