Lufthansa Pilot Strike Grounds Third Day of Service

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April 2 (Bloomberg) -- Pilots union member Winfried Streicher talks with David Tweed about the strike by Lufthansa pilots as they seek better wages and retirement benefits on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

I am really sorry that we came to that that so many passengers got stranded or are having inconvenienced by this action we had to take.

The message we want to send is directed to the lufthansa management.

I want to apologize to all of the passengers who have that inconvenienced.

You are wearing a badge.

Many people are wearing this nonstop profit badge.

It is a pretty clear message.

Has lufthansa gone too far with what it is doing with its cost-cutting drive?

You always have to look at the cost.

Lufthansa is making good money.

We make real profit and we are negotiating about how many of this profit is going to the investors, how much is spent to satisfy our customer, and how much is spent to satisfy us.

There are three areas under discussion.

One as pilots wages, the transitional arrangement for early retirement or retirement after 55, and the corporate pensions.

You are striking out at the transitional arrangements.

What happens if the negotiations for the other areas, done?

-- come undone?

Will the strike repeat itself?

I doubt it.

The best would be to sit together and negotiate everything in one step.

You cannot strike once a year and do it again in a year and again in a year.

That is not our goal.

We want to have a solution for all of the open problems we have.

We could not solve any one of them for the last three years.

If you are an investor in lufthansa, and you are looking at what is going on, this is going to be the one strike that lufthansa has to face this year?

I cannot promise this.

We still have our striking force in the background.

That is the only one we can do here in germany.

The only thing we can do to make lufthansa management move is to strike.

That is german law.

I cannot promise you if lufthansa is not moving that we will not be in the situation again.

Thank you for the quick conversation.

Active in the studio.

--back to you in the studio.

Thank you.

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