Lower Unemployment Equals More Beer Drinking

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July 2 (Bloomberg) -- Alix Steel reports on the relationship between employment and beer sales on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

Investors in anheuser-busch, inbev, you will be watching friday's jobs report closely.

Alix steel is with me now.

What is the relationship between beer and jobs?

You would think that beer consumption is recession-proof.

You do not feel good about your life, so you drink a beer, but that has not been the case.

State-by-state numbers of beer consumption for the drinking age population.

Here is what they found.

Between 2007 and 2012, only four states saw an increase in consumption.

Leading the list, vermont and north dakota.

The losers, you can see, showed some big declines.

The recession really hurt.

The unemployment grew among some key demographics, like young blue-collar adult males.

Interestingly, where consumption did grow, the unemployment rate, for the most part, stayed below the national average.

Not only did these people keep on drinking, but they drank a lot.

North dakota consumed almost 46 gallons per capita, the highest in the country.

Now that the u.s. economy is arguably recovering, how are the numbers moving?

In the past year, 31 states have seen a jump in drinking.

North dakota is almost &. -- 10%. the experts say that if these trends hold and we see more fluctuation in the unemployment rate, we could see more drinking down the road.

What are analysts saying, is it too soon to call?

2012 was the first upturn in the economy -- industry, but most are pretty skeptical.

There is a big shift happening with the new generation.

More people are opting for wine and spirits over beers.

The beer landscape is finding itself -- finding it hard to reinvent itself.

Sales have been flat for the year.

We know that trendsetters really like craft beers.

This has been one of the big trends.

What does this mean for the big companies?

The one place where be makers have been able to innovate.

It is the small, local craft brewery is that are bringing in the sales.

It was up 50% over the entire beer industry last year.

However, the segment is pretty small.

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