Low Level of Social Mobility in the U.K.

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July 09 (Bloomberg) -- Peter Lampl, Chairman and Philanthropist for The Sutton Trust, discusses the concept of fairness and social mobility in the U.K. and what Sutton Trust is doing to address the problem. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “On The Move.” (Source: Bloomberg)

What i saw was the gun-control campaign that was put together after a massacre we had similar to sandy hook.

Actives is in the news because andy murray was in the scope -- that was in the news because andy murray was in the school when roughly 21 children were killed.

That is what got me started in philanthropy.

Moving on to why we want to do something about inequality and social mobility in this country, of the research would've done shows it has declined in the last 30 years.

It is gotten worse since i came to the system.

What the lowest level of social mobility -- we have the lowest level of social mobility.

Wealth a big problem which was from -- we have a big problem with children from low income families moving up.

What does it mean for britain?

Do you have any figures?

Low rates of social mobility means we waste a lot of talent.

Would've had a consulting group look at this.

If you had a decent level, it would add four percentage points to the gbp.

It is an economic issue.

Children from certain backgrounds do not get opportunities when they should.

There's an equity issue involved here.

What is the trust doing about it?

And his motivation to improve social mobility through education.

And the way we do that, we do loads of research in this area.

We have done research studies and typically what we do we do research is we will then develop some programs which we evaluate incredibly rigorously and if they are successful, we scale them up.

For example, we pirated summer schools at leading universities in this country and we have virtually every university run summer schools based on our model.

We have 1700 students at nine of the top dozen british universities going to summer schools.

Would've expanded to the united states, your country.

This year, we have a wonderful it is students at -- we have 150 students at yale and mit.

We start with early years and go through to access to the professions.

Work on all stages.

I want to get a sense, i were reading a lot of your papers.

You are vocal at students uk should focus more on math.

If you were to change one thing in the uk, education system that would change tomorrow, what would it be?

That is a difficult question.

There is doesn't -- and there are a dozen things i would like to change.

I would have the uk go to a baccalaureate system.

We specialize in three subjects at the age of 16. i generally do was subject a university.

What you are referring to as the vast majority of children the 80% drop matt at 16. if i had a system where in the united states, germany, france, children study seven or eight subjects until 18. we specialize much too early which cuts off options for loads of children.

The french baccalaureate, is there one country -- the french baccalaureate and in germany in the united states, high school graduation.

We have very little depth in our education system.

We specialize far too soon.

Which means a lot a people cut out options later on with what they want to do.

Thank you so much.

The chairman at the trust talking about an important subject.

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