Low Chance of Further Stimulus in China: DBS

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April 21 (Bloomberg) –- DBS Bank Senior Investment Strategist Manish Jaradi discusses global markets and how you should be investing your money with Rishaad Salamat on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move Asia.” (Source: Bloomberg)

We can expect.

How to invest your money.

Here is the senior investment strategist in singapore.

Thank you.

Joining us.

How would you characterize what is going on, generally speaking?

We have seen a down greeted -- downgrade in emerging markets.

We look at emerging markets continuing to point to a softer side and that does not bode well going forward.

Fed officials see slower u.s. first quarter to affect tightening.

Until recently, looking at the economic surprises, is lower than expected.

Most recently, we have seen the inflows for the emerging markets.

Structural reforms and higher productivity are the keys to regaining competitiveness and ensuring growth.

In this regard, we are watching policy moves and collections in the emerging markets.

What is your view of china?

The gdp number.

Is the politics indicator of the state of the economy?

What you think of that.

When is the chinese equity market going to have anything move?

There are considerable risks in china.

Particularly watching the economic outlook.

We have seen chinese growth be downgraded this year.

Now, we have seen china and a fiscal stimulus.

It is too early to say if there will be another stimulus to support growth.

They may want to wait for five -- for the signs of financial stress.

We are watching how the property sector development is emerging.

It is something that people talk about.

The property market being a headwind for the economy there.

There are a lot of mechanisms they can use to manage the situation, right?

That is right.

Communication is very important.


It is important to help manage communication, as well.

We have had sporadic bad news come out of the corporate sector.

How investor confidence shapes based on that communication is key.

In china, the policy makers have been able to communicate the policy stances and back the actions.

To some extent, they have supported the region and the equity markets.

Tell me your position in japan.

They are down 10% on the nikkei.

There are a couple of reasons for the japanese underperformance.

Abenomics may be losing momentum in the short-term.

The consumption tax rate hike could affect gdp.

We are already forging towards a weaker consumer growth.

It is too early to say how deep this will be or how swift it will be it is unlikely that the bank of japan will be.

It suggests that they remain above and are reluctant to provide other stimulus.

These are a couple of reasons why japanese equities underperform.

Let us talk about the emerging markets.

Some analysts described them as a dreadful place to invest.

It is not normally the right time.

There are some positive factors.

Up close, the individuals have said not to act preemptively.

We suggest that an indication towards a later start of normalization of trade dates rather than sooner.

This provides breathing space to make the necessary macro-adjustment.

There are polar bond volatility

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