Lou Reed: Velvet Underground Co-Founder Dies at 71

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Oct. 28 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Muse Editor Mark Beech considers the career of musician Lou Reed who passed away Sunday at the age of 71. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

Became one of rock's most inferential stars after cofounding the velvet underground.

He died in a hospital in south hampton new york from complications of a liver transplant.

More on the business behind the music legend.

Lou was more critically acclaimed and commercially successful.

For a much francine.

He is -- he was a legend and his legacy will not be based on sales figures.

He made his very first album with the velvet underground and it sold to 30,000 copies.

It is said that every one of those 30,000 when out and if -- it said that everyone who bought a copy when out and formed a band.

The sales were going up for lou, but we'll see what happens next.

What will happen next?

Will he is died?

Would have an impact on sales, usually?

It usually does.

Jj cale died fairly recently.

It is the case with michael jackson and in this case i was speaking to an industry analyst they could say lou reed's sales could drop by 2 million between now and christmas in terms of downloads and songs just as people get curious to this man was and don't know him.

I'm a huge fan of lou reed.

Are there any talks about reissues?

The one song which was a huge charity success for children in need was "perfect day.


there's talk about reissues of some form.

It is made a lot of money.

It sold 1.1 million in its time and it could very well do well again for children in need or somebody else.

The industry analysts say.

Your favorite song?

I think it could be "perfect day," but i think it could also be "waiting for my man." heathrow airport is making a significant investment to lure more shoppers.

Details are coming up next.

Just a reminder, you can follow both of us on twitter.

Guy johnson is following developments on the storm.

We will see you in just a couple of minutes.


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