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Nov. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Mo Koyfman, general partner at Spark Capital, discusses his venture capital investment strategy and the importance of disruption in the tech industry. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Tech bubble all the time.

You cannot base them on profit because a lot of these companies are not making money.

Like anything else, you have to take it in its parts because -- i approach it differently than the public markerts do.

Generally they look day today or quarter to quarter.

When we invest in the earlier stages, we're looking at the disruptive trends in massive industries.

If you come from that point of view, you understand why there is so much attractiveness in the markets for these kind of businesses.

Emmie how long do you give them to make money?

-- how long do you give them to make money?

Is the question how long or will it return the invest in?

I am a -- the investment?

I am a very patient investor.

What i found is when i look a public market investors, they invest in companies the same way venture capitalists do.

They look for great management teams, disruptive products, and they take a long view on these businesses.

The reality of why the market is so hungry for these kinds of businesses is because they realize technology, internet, mobile, they are changing.

It is the growth engine of our economy.

They are changing industries from financial services to automobiles to everything in between.

We are talking about some of the biggest sectors of our economy and they're going to be massive winners in these categories.

Investors are hungry for growth.

They know we are not always going to ride on what we used to come up our economy.

They want to get involved in businesses that have impact over the next five to 10 years.

We're going to continue talking about those businesses with mo.

I have a quick data check.

You cbs and the futures still up -- you see the s&p futures still up.

The 10 year yield down a little.

Not a lot of moment.

We're getting into black friday.

Will sales be strong?

We will talk about it, coming up.

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