Looking Ahead to the Future of U.K. Solar Energy

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July 8 (Bloomberg) -- Foresight Group Head of Infrastructure Jamie Richards discusses his solar investment ideas on “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Can you tell us about the solar fund?

What is the business model?

We buy projects in the u.k.. operating and locked in by the time we acquire.

Instead of wonder million project, coming through an acquisition in play.

Nine projects paying a dividend of 6% which is generating an ir of a percent.

The government announced a plans of the way solar will be subsidized.

You have to navigate the rapidly changing landscape of solar subsidies, how do you cope with that?

We have been investing in the sector for 70 years and we have seen the landscapes change.

The current scheme is march 2015 the which is accelerated by two years as another change we were expecting as coming sooner.

As the prices of solar is growing at a fastest rate, we should be able to get going immediately into the scheme as it takes over from the current scheme.

Will it change in the availability of your project?

No, there's a big secondary market and solar.

The change does not impact projects lower than five megawatts.

And solar funded in that size and if this scheme is a scheme where solar can be favorable with a removable technology.

Jamie richards of foresight group we appreciate your time.

Stay with "the pulse." for our viewers, the second hour of the "the pulse" is annexed and will have an interview with a ceo and talking about see --

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