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Sept. 4 (Bloomberg) –- Fashion Institute of Technology President Joyce Brown discusses what trends to look for next week at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week and honoring F.I.T. alum Michael Kors. She speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

What's let's go to -- let's go to mark crumpton.

The u.s. senate for relations committee is authorized and limited military strike in syria read the vote comes as secretary of state john kerry spoke in front of the battle to rally u.s. support for intervention.

A full senate resolution and vote are expected sometime next week.

Samsung has unveiled its first smart watch.

The galaxy gear.

The device allows users to make phone calls, surf the web, and take pictures.

The gadget priced at $2099 is scheduled to be on sale by the end of the month read a hiccup on twitter this evening.

Some users were unable to access the social networking website for at least 15 minutes around 5:00 eastern time.

The company indicated that mobile apps were not affected.

The website has since come back online.

No word on what caused the outage.

Tonight, i'll be joined by chris repke.

We will discuss the beige book and the overall outlook for the u.s. economy.

Hope to see you then.

50 minutes without twitter.

What is the world coming to.

Shares of discount airlines are under pressure after ryan air say may miss its profit target this year.

Shares of norwegian air shuttle's lost -- the second largest airline is moving ahead with a big expansion plan that includes the united states.

Joining me now is the chief executive of the airline, bjorn kjos.

Did you take norwegian air shuttle flight to get to new york question yes.

I flew the dreamliner.

Tell us the plans the have for the airline, and where you fly currently.

Fort lauderdale, oakland, san francisco.

And, orlando.

They serve the scandinavian countries.

That is the start.

That will create a basis in new york.

That means a 350 more jobs.

To start with.

I should say you are not a startup airline.

You have been around since 2001. that is right.

There are 400 routes in your.

-- in europe.

A larger network than british airwaves has an year.

Have you managed to carve out this?

You have to be a very -- you have to be very focused on cost.

New aircraft.

Hence the 787 dreamliner.

That is the game changer.

How does it change the game?

It is so much cheaper.

Compared to the airstream 40, you have 60% less fuel.

50% more versus the dreamliner.

Does this mean that in selecting the roots that you choose to service, different things come into play?


In order to fly people , it shouldn't cost more than $400 to share -- to fly round-trip.

300 or dollar should be our goal.

You have to have a high reputation.

Your expansion plans are not just limited to the united states.

You have an extensive route network linking asia to europe.

That is right.

We start with the far east.

You will see us in the far east, a huge market.

I think it is going to be very interesting.

Is it going to be tough competing against other discount long-haul carriers?

We know that if you go back into history, freddie laker tried it.

It did not work.

You need an aircraft like the dreamliner.

He would not have done this without the 787. we cannot get the mathematics.

You have have the dreamliner to do it.

What about the problems the dreamliner faces?

You had to fly the a340 to maintain your root structure.

The 787 was grounded.

There was this problem with the battery.

Boeing is able to send people to the moon 40 years ago.

They can fix a battery.

I wasn't worried about it.

What about the competition.

If you can buy a 787, can't somebody else question my yes.

It is a long way.

They have to queue up.

Cheap tickets are the fuel of the industry.

How are you doing that?

Our shuttle business has been profitable for 5-6 years.

We don't -- what about the connection the technology that links the customer with the airline?

This has been a do-it-yourself world.

Is that also an area where you save money.


Whether it is in the aircraft, or activities when you purchase tickets, you are in the digital world.

It couldn't be done five years ago.

Thank you very much.

I look forward to learning more about the expansion of plans of none -- plans of the norwegian air shuttle.

Just ahead, new york fashion week's get ready for the runway.

We will talk to the individual helping teach the next generation of fashion designers how to build a business empire.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the mercedes-benz fashion week in new york city, providing top designers an international platform to showcase their collections to 100,000 industry insiders.

With more than 80 designers showing over eight days, it is a good time to talk fashion and the business of fashion.

I want to bring in dr.

Joyce brown.

Thank you for coming in.

Thank you.

I'm going to pick away at the title.

You have a doctorate in psychology.

Draw the connection between psychology and fashion.

There is a big connection in psychology and fashion.

I think that the notion of connecting to people, how they envision themselves, how they want to look him up with their sensibility is in terms of how that interpretation fits with them, it is all very psychological.

I do many things.

I'm not a designer.

I think the psychology background helps me a great deal in terms of management and and ministering at the college.

I can observe the psychological effects of the creative work against him.

What kind of connection as a designer like michael kors make now?

Michael, we had a wonderful event this afternoon.

We have a group called the could tour council , and each year we give an award that we call the artistry of fashion award.

This year, we were fortunate enough to honor michael.

Michael is really making a tremendous statement today in the world of fashion.

He has come to a place where it is -- where he is defining american fashion.

He is also an outlaw him -- and alummn.

-- we have many levels of connection with him.

We are thrilled to be able to recognize him today.

You mentioned the concept of what he is doing for around the world, out side the unite states.

I think there is a great danger in that -- if i were to take that concept to its full possibility.

Campuses that are branded around the world.

We have programs in many international locations.

Our largest, most intense involvement is italy.

We have a program in milan and florence.

Our students study and come back.

We have italians.

Italian students.

We have 10% international students.

But, we are in france.

We are in london.

We're in china.

We are in turkey.

I think the notion of branding yourself outside of the united states, there is a danger in dissipating the brand . a big part of who we are has to do with location, being here in new york.

A lot has to do with our connections to our deliveries read to have 10,000 students.

We have over 10,000 students.

All very talented.

We also have incredible connections to industry here.

It makes a difference in terms of our jobs.

We have a strong internship program.

I think it is hard to control the quality if you try to be all things to all people all over the world.

Let's talk about your impression of what to inspect -- what to expect over the next eight days for the fashion week.

What should we be looking for?

Fashion week serves really to showcase the inspirations for this season.

I think we will get a sense of the strong colors, the sense of materials people are using.

We had someone talking about the importance of plastic.

There is a lot of plastic being incorporated into design.

I think that -- your technology going into making fabrics?

All of those things are happening.

People think that to study design, it is all about sketching or draping.

These people are going to be successful, they have have an understanding of the technology.

Of the innovative applications of new techniques that are happening.

They have to understand anatomy.

We have to understand fabrics and how they fit with the design.

Then, they have to develop that creative side, the sensibility in addressing the consumer.

It is a composite.

It is a combination of both art and design, and business.

At the same time, we stress the liberal arts in our curricula because we want them to know how to analyze and conceptualize, and think about things, not just have a good idea.

But really understand it contextually.

I want to thank you very much , the president of the fashion institute of technology.

Now for what wall street has on its agenda for tomorrow.

Let's go to carol massar.

Thank you.

Happening tomorrow in russia, the g 20 summit will get underway.

World leaders are gathering for a two-day meeting of international policies and issues.

In the ecb and bank of england will make right decisions.

German factory orders and french unemployment numbers.

For more, head to bloomb ergbriefs.com.

Next i will speak with carl banks on what it took to host a vince lombardi trophy, as well as his thoughts on the upcoming nfl season.

That is next.

? the baltimore ravens visit the denver broncos tomorrow to kick off the 2013 nfl season.

Last year, the ravens did what my next guest has done twice.

Carl banks, giants legend and two-time super bowl champion joins me now.

Thank you for coming in.

Thank you for having me.

-- tell people about what you are doing with starter jackets.

I was the business going?

We launched it for this fall.

We hit stores labor day.

Foot locker sold- out within four hours.

Within four hours.

A lot of stores are out.

Sports authority had tremendous cells.

-- sales.

The response has been great.

Do like sailing jackets as much as you like playing football?

Fashion -- for behind reveries.

-- we have been listening to people speak.

What is your take on what is going on with this concussion thing?

I thought it was great that the nfl was able to settle that suit and move forward in developing technologies, and with the players, they are more knowledgeable about what is going on.

They know, and there are protocols now.

Both parties, players and organizations are moving forward.

Having said that, i have to ask you, the players not getting the money.

The money is going for things like exams and preventive systems to mitigate concussions.

It is not like anybody who got think -- you got the concussions previously -- no means am i taking a side here.

I play the game.

I know the hardships of these guys.

When you have to try to prove that it was the nfl and not football in general, the majority of the players started when they were in elementary school.

How must instead.

He moved around a lot.

Then you get to high school and college, and then you get the pros.

It is not like you just decide one day.

When you look at it, it is more productive to help treat the guys.

There are more lawsuits out there for some guys seeking personal income.

I just think, the right thing is now starting to take place.

Organizations, medical industries, coming together to make sport say.

That is what it is all about.

The guys that are suffering from the effects of concussions can now get assistance that they need.

Let's talk about the football season.

We know for example that if you lived in new york city or los angeles, or dallas up until yesterday, you could watch cbs on time warner cable.

Lex i was upset about that.

In advance of this whole thing, time warner raise the prices to cover the cost of that channel.

They sent you a notice, you were in that bill going up five dollars a month.

The consumer was in warned -- the consumer wasn't warned got caught in the middle.

Football was going to be on the air.

People are going to find it somewhere.

Sports bars are going to hope that the impasse stay the way it was vicki get more customers and.

Do you see a day when football is going to be paid review -- pay-per-view?

They are doing it now.

The cable carriers are now factoring that into the cost of your bill.

I do not know if you'll be pay- per-view, as you want to see the giants versus san francisco and you live in dallas.

I have it on directv and the nfl network that you subscribe to.

I do not know if it is going to be a full pay-per-view type of deal.

We started talking about the lombardi.

Can you recall what that was like?

It was the ultimate.

How heavy is it question it has weight to it.

Bill parcells was heavier, when we carried him off the field.

When you play the game, the goal is to play in the super bowl and win it.

Thankfully i did not have the heartbreak of losing the super bowl.

Once you get there, there is only one winner.

Have you spoken to guys on the opposing team?


It is an empty feeling.

It really is.

You fight so hard.

Our game with the buffalo bills, anyone could have won that game.

I can imagine what those guys went through.

Thank you for coming.

Carl banks, symbolic -- super bowl champion.

Time for on the market.

A rally in stocks today.

S&p 500 gaining 13 points.

The dow jones industrial average at 96 points higher.

The nasdaq up one percent.

Ford and gm both higher as automakers report double-digit u.s. sales last month.

Afford so i jump of 10%. gm had it's best month since 2008. sales up 15%. thank you for taking stock.

I am pimm fox.

Good night.

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