Look to Specialty REITs to Play Biotech: Cuniff

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Dec. 05 (Bloomberg) -- Jill Cuniff, President of Edge Asset Management, discusses the outlook for various sectors and her subsequent investing strategy. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The federal start tapering in the first half of next year.

That will lead to a stock market crash.

There are still some areas that she likes, including specialty reads -- reits.

A great area of the market, and it is not allowed to use but the small and mid-cap companies.

Reits that lease space to health-care-related entities.

These are booming areas.

The biotech market ipos have been really on fire.

That is a risky way to play the space.

Another way to gain access is through these specialty reits, and the more conservative, quality way to do it.

I know you are bearish on some sectors, including telecoms is one that you are least interested in.

A has been looking at the bullish -- scarlet has been looking at the bullish case.

The carriers still have pricing power, especially when it comes to data.

Video streaming, data and application usage, will likely prompt customers to update data plans.

It could fortify margins.

What about the argument that?

The counterpoint is that there is a lot more competition in that space and growth is a little bit slower than we would've expected.

With the valuations we are saying -- seeing better opportunities.

Opportunities might be an energy.

Julie has been looking at the supply and demand issues with energy.

Our team at bloomberg industries has been looking at this their case -- bear case.

It is not bode to offer prices.

If you look at a number of different sources -- supply and great and demand in green, the estimates going forward in 2014 from the iea, opec, etc.

It looks like supply could outstrip demand.

The team also points to a little bit of a faltering in the chinese economy, which accounts for 11% of global demand, as well as an abatement of the geopolitical risks that have been propping up oil prices this year.

Is that something you are pricing in?

We take that into consideration but edge is a long-term investor and we are focused on this move towards energy independence in the u.s. there are opportunities to be at in this space.

It has been underperforming because of the supply and demand issues.

We use that as a buying opportunity.

Jill, thank you for joining us.

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