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April 14 (Bloomberg) -- Phil Worthington, co-founder & chief product officer at Livestream, discusses the company’s new app that allows users to chronicle live events using Google Glass on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

I'm joined by the cofounder and chief products officer.

Great to have you with us.

Basically, you wear it and say livestream?

You can begin streaming online.

It goes to where he can be viewed by half a million people or more.

Why does anybody want to do this?

Our business is covering live events and broadcasting on the web.

For us, this is the most perfect innovative point of view camera.

You download an app?

It is a free app available on the livestream website.

You downloaded it to glass and are good to go.

You can use it with wi-fi or a phone connection.

We could not live demonstrate this.

You walk around and whatever you see is what the viewers on your website will see.

Whatever you see, the viewers will see.

The viewers can chat back.

There is a chat component.

You will see their messages coming back in the lens of the glass.

You will be able to come back to them through the stream verbally.

How do you make money?

This is free.

Our business model, we give the service away for free or have plans.

For us, this is just innovation so we give it away for free.

When i was reading about it, i thought this was cool.

But isn't there a privacy issue?

There is.

It is the same privacy issue that was around when you and your friends had cameras in your phones.

I think it is slightly exasperated because the camera is always on your head and on.

There is this weird factor.

You can tell when i have my phone and am about to take a picture, but you can't tell when you are wearing the google glass whether it is on and the person is recording it.


A lot of venues have started to limit the use because of that factor.

Cinemas you will be able to use class in.

Google just published a paper on best practices on how not to be creepy.

I think you will see more on this as the technology evolves.

Where do you stand on this?

That is your bread-and-butter.

If free access everywhere is what will drive people to use your business model, that is your is this model.

Kind of.

We are in the business of covering live events.

We are not in the business of broadcasting our lives everyday.

For us, this represents a point of view camera for citizen journalists and performers.

For us, this is about camera innovation and how to reach people.

Let's say you are at an nfl game recording the game.

Art their copyright issues?

It is the same issues that exist if i hold my camera.

They are there.

We don't tolerate illicit content or copyright content.

Our network will shut you down.

You will get a takedown notice.

How do you monitor that?

You have millions of minutes being streamed onto your website.

Common sense is the best approach.

You will see the popular content rising to the top.

We have to react before we get the takedown message because it is live contact -- live content.

We keep an eye out.

It is such a cool innovative camera.

We have had urban journalists in the field in turkey and ukraine using this.

Using the app to livestream?

They were using it on their phones.

They were also using google glass to stream recorded content.

Now that we have married those things, they can be going directly live from the glass.

It opens up production opportunities.

It allows them to be in the field getting great content.

What do you hope to do with this content?

We hope to reach millions with it.


But what do you hope to do with all that content generated?

Is it just out there?

Yeah, live for the world to see.

We hope every event can be broadcast live.

Do you want to do channels?

Are you going to sell advertising?

What is the objective?

We don't sell any ads.

Our network is ad free.

It is the way for an event organizer to extend their reach.

It is a marketing tool in many cases to reach a wider audience.

It is an extension of an event.

That is what we hope to do.

Most of the content driven to the top will be content like football games, sporting events?

Are you thinking it will more be about journalism and protests?

Cnn has syphilis -- cnn has citizen journalists.

Will be more like that?

Google glass will probably be citizen journalism and entertainment as the big categories, conferences.

It is so versatile.

It will appear everywhere.

I think you will see more of this.

Are you using it?

What are you recording?

Day in and out?


you want your privacy.

Thank you, livestream's

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