Lionsgate Flexes Its Movie Muscle

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Aug. 8 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Jon Erlichman reports on Lionsgate's first-quarter earnings. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Jon erlichman is back from l.a. it had little to do with the harvard games, didn't it?

? hungher games, didn't? that was really last year's story.

The fact that they were able to grow year over year even without back in nat theaters where knauss has something.

It is focused on the young adult crowd.

That is how they described the folks that would go to see the hunger games or the twilight movies.

They are banking big on that market.

This is a company that to a certain extent has hit its stride on the movie side after being slow going for a lot of years.

Cracks in the meantime, lions gate television business -- in the meantime, lions gate television business, tell us more about it.

It is growing in a big way.

It is -- has grown 20% overall and represents a large percentage of the company's profit in the quarter.

It is behind the production man mad -- madmen, and is working on several others.

Orange is the new black on netflix is a show they have been working on.

And they also have other partners like hulu and amazon.

Revenue from that business -- year-over-year.

Basically, the message lions gate is giving is we've got some big franchises in the theaters.

Those are going well for us.

Let's build up a tv business that has steady licensing coming in, whether we are making movies for traditional tv, netflix for more or amazon or hulu.

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