Linking Communities With Renewable Energy Projects

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Jan. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Bruce Davis, Joint Managing Director at Abundance Generation, discusses crowd funding for renewable energy sources. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

On riddles and green in general.

They want to invest somewhere where it does some good.

Also, a lot of people in the industry what to support these projects directly.

They can be very diverse, something that is a little gadget that will help with, for example, new energy in your home, to large-scale projects.

We are funding the infrastructure side of renewable energy.

We are helping to build wind turbines, solar power, putting solar panels on people's roofs.

The return people get is from the energy being generated.

It is a relatively low risk.

We are looking for people to lend money and get a return based on the amount of energy they produce.

Would you have to be living in close proximity where you are building these things?

Like you can invest directly.

-- you can invest directly.

But you can invest across any project from anywhere in the u.k. where is it coming from mainly?

It is quite mainstream.

There is a growing band of people who want to move their money out of conventional basis where it is invested into alternative finance, whether it is peer-to-peer lending or crowd funding.

We are part of that movement.

We are offering something different that you can visit for yourself.

I have always been told crowd funding is great, but be prepared to lose your money.

What is the maximum someone has given?

The max was about 100,000 pounds.

That would be across several projects.

So far we have done about 4 million pounds of investing.

People are diversifying across wind, solar, in wales or nottingham.

It from places across the u.k. i think it is people looking at this for different reasons.

Some people are doing it because they want to feel they are doing some good.

Other people are seeing it as a way of investing in something that is not really correlated with the rest of the investment world.


Thank you for all of that.

Guy come over to you.

Thank you very much indeed.

For those listening on bloomberg radio, the first word is up next.

For our viewers, it is a second hour of "the pulse." we are going to continue the conversation about sainsbury's new ceo, mike coupe.

Justin king stepping aside.

We will talk about the state of the union.

Gerald lyons joining us to talk about inequality.

Looking forward to talk about that conversation.

Fiat chrysler suspected -- expected to announce a name change.

What should we take away from this?

And analyst will be joining us to talk about these two companies, or one company as they are now.

We look forward to that cob nversation as well.

We will take a break and see you in a moment.


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