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July 10 (Bloomberg) -- Daniel Roth, Executive Editor at LinkedIn, discusses original content from LinkedIn Influencers with two of its Influencers; John Taft, CEO of RBC Wealth Management, and Bloomberg’s Tom Keene. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Apart from twitter and facebook of a social media platform for professionals.

A decade and 200 billion users later, it is still an internet rolodex, but is trying to do much more than i feared linkedin has become a media company.

President obama, bill gates, all among more than 300 contributors who have used linkedin's influencers rober appeared the feature allows 225 million of its users to read original content from ceo's. now the new is influencer , john taft, is here.

And tom keene, also and influencer.

What is your experience?

I was really suspect about this.

Dan had to sell me on this.

The first day, i'm sitting there on it, next to barack obama, and i am thinking this is a cool thing.

He had a few more followers than i did.

I met new people off of this influencers.

Dan roth, you are the executive editor at linkedin.

This is somewhat your baby as you try to expand the media and the content reach of linkedin.

Talk about the influencer program.

Our goal is to make sure people are coming to linkedin everyday to get the insights they need to be better at what they do.

We get those insights by talking to people like tom keene, by having the ceo of hp or the cleveland clinic to write about what they're seeing.

The first eight years of linkedin's exist and that was all about connecting people with each other, getting your network types.

For the last two, we have connected people to insights.

That is what this is all about.

Getting some of my john taft to write about what he is seeing in the markets.

What is the most important thing that is going on in his world.

Sharing that.

And what you see is people are responding to it.

Every post gets about 100 comments.

No one is anonymous.

When people are commenting, they're commenting with their professional identities.

When a comment, their bosses see it, their employees see it, their business partner cia, so there is no trolling, no flame wars that go on.

People are respectful, they push back, but they are respectful and you know who is saying it.

So that level of engagement is what you are pushing linkedin to become more than just an internet rolodex.

Something that people can log into and stay on the whole day.


We realize people are busy.

If they just come in once a day to check in on linkedin, and then they go read a story on or the "wall street journal," that is great.

If they come back three or four times a day, that is even better.

I am doing something like this.

Maybe you can run over and see this, i did this yesterday with business insiders, just a bunch of charts.

These are nine charts that i am watching.

Just for you -- i do this.

This is the opinion of a shameless plug.

You have shinzo abe, how did you acquire the influence of a leader of japan?

Et al.

To see who is already on the network when you have folks like bill gates who are writing, or the president, david cameron -- john taft of rbc -- exactly.

That was the big push for shinzo abe.

You work the same channels you would normally to explain the power, and he's all the ability to talk to worldwide markets with his -- i'm just wondering why the business decision.

Are you trying to capture ad dollars from facebook and twitter?

This is not about -- this is about getting people to come back.

This is about making sure that we have content and people want to read, and their -- they are engaging with your grace you are curating, scouring what is available and putting it together in a thoughtful way.

We do curate content, we have about one .2 million publishers who feed into linkedin today, which is driven by our rhythms that try to match headlines to the right professionals, but we have original content.

We will reach out to john and say things are blowing up right now -- it is a great business model because he's doing it for you, you are not paying him for it.

If i go to the bloomberg every morning, or i go to whatever news organization every morning, you want me to go to linkedin every morning -- where are you going to be in two years and that project?

Number one, we want to get to check in with us every morning.

Eventually, we want you to check in with us before you show up at a meeting.

The kind of things discussed in the meeting, you will have seen on linkedin.

You will get ideas that you want to bring up before you meet with somebody, before you enter a business deal, you want to check to see what are the topics that are trending on linkedin, what can you learn by what you see here.

Let's do the deal right now.

And we just strain bloomberg "surveillance" breakthrough linkedin?

Let's do it.

I want to know who determines who the influencers are.

Is that your job?

We talk about it everyday.

We try to make sure there is a balance balance of the right kinds of people that we are -- if we have so many ads -- blonde with beautiful rhinestone necklaces.

That is on my top list today.

Very good.

Black dress with beautiful needlepoint.

We're looking at the data to see what people are reading, what they are responding to.

We know the people are are.

We know what industries they are injured george clooney just broke up with someone.

You could do this.

This would be great.

I do see you doing this.

I could be in influencer on celebrity gossip?

One of the great things is people come here for contents, so we have no solidity, no kardashian have ever shown up and linkedin.

There was my career.

If you wonder about interest rates, we will take you.

Dan roskam exec of acucar -- executive -- dan roth,

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