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Feb. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Dan Roth, Executive Editor at LinkedIn, discusses the social media site’s hottest topics with Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

Of those people -- and several members of our newsroom road to the best advice.

But let's not talk about me.

Let's talk about other people first.

What were some of the highlights?

If you look overall, the incredible advice given to people at times when they were really down or really questioning their own futures.

One of my favorite is the founder of angie's list.

22 years old, graduated from college, doesn't know what to do.

An entrepreneur said "start a company with me in columbus." she has a job at a consultancy firm and she's hemming and hawing and she talks to her grandfather and he says to her, "what is the difference between being 22 and looking for a job and a year from now being 23 and looking for a job?

Take the risk." she took the wrist and went to angie's list -- that is a great question.

On the other end of the spectrum, the chairman of yahoo!, 68 years old talking about engaging a second act.

He discusses the idea of how you decide to think about what is next for you.

In your 60's, you know a lot and have a ton of experience.

You need to decide, are you giving up or will you reinvest and do fun things?

He decided to reinvest -- you make it sound so terrible.

Wanting to play golf -- that is not the future i see you doing.

And jim kim.

Jim kim's is great.

He was a doctor early on and learn valuable advice about challenging hierarchy.

He got great advice from mentors who said to speak up, speak your mind, if you are wrong, the humble about it.

This is the great part of the advice -- you need to learn how to say i was wrong, you were right, that's great, let's move on.

The idea of humility and admitting you are wrong and taking someone who might be arrival and saying, hey, that is good advice and go forward that, you look better and they look better.

What is your personal favorite?

My personal favorite?

Let's see.

I was a big fan of brad smith at intuit and he did an amazing job and got them to invest $40 million in what was a huge new business and it turned out to be a total failure.

His $40 million mistake.

The idea of owning up to it and saying come here was my mistake, and deconstructing it, and the idea of when you make a mistake, don't cover it up, we have seen it happen so many times.

You want to basically say, look, this is what happened.

Public advocate hurray the 2. -- probably can't compare the 2. my advice came from a talent which who told me what locke really means -- a talent coach who told me what luck really means -- preparation plus opportunity equals luck.

People say that you are lucky, but it is because you have to be prepared when you meet the opportunity to grab it.

A lot of people who are thinking about changing careers, this is what they are going through.

Am i too old to change careers, too set in my ways?

Never too late.

All right, we learned some things.

Thank you very much, dan.

A reminder, you can check out my linkedin page,

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