Like to See Some Kind of BNP Settlement: Wheeler

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May 6 (Bloomberg) -- Mediobanca Bank Analyst Christopher Wheeler discusses BNP Paribas, France’s largest bank, which faces a potential $10 billion U.S. fine for business with Iran and other sanctioned nations. Wheeler speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Monday and tuesday?

That is difficult to say.

What we want to see is some kind of settlement.

We would like to move on.

We would like to lay out our strategy.

This issue is hanging over them.

Even the $10 billion, moving on would be positive for the stock.

They seem to be the challenges industrywide.

Is that true?

I can say that these issues at bp and other banks are universal.

In terms of libel and a foreign exchange and money laundering and sanctions, the list is endless.

You have your own problems in terms of the mortgage market as well.

$10 billion, this is five quarters were the profits.

As an analyst, do we look at this as a one-off look the on that and the 22016? i don't think litigation is a one-off anymore.

We we leave it in there.

It should not occur again.

And as a major impact on capital.

Fortunately, this is a bank with large european banks.

They can afford it.

When we talk about these two big to fail banks tom a --, who benefits from all this?

Is it the japanese banks?

They are openi to buying?

I hate to say this, it seems not so much to big to fail but to big not to afford.

I think in the main, the big banks will be hit and hold onto the market share.

We have seen some things from the investment backing market.

People like ubs and barclays, we

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