Liberty Media Plans to Make Sirius XM a Subsidiary

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Jan. 3 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Edmund Lee reports on Liberty Media’s proposal to make Sirius XM a unit of Liberty and what it means for the company. He speaks to Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

He is -- if he is able to bring them in, they stand to benefit from the growth.

It has been doing well over the past few years.

It has been trading well as well.

That is on the face of it.

He gets the benefit from how they are doing on the market.

Currently, liberty radio owns 52% of sirius.

They have control.

The proposal is that liberty is going to create a new stock.

They will do a variety of exchanges with shareholders and their own current shareholders.

The serious -- the sirius shareholders will have 39%, while 69% goes to liberty.

This gives one stock to trade.

Just the liberty stock.


That is what john malone is known for being a financial wizard.

That is the key thing.

He loves tracking stocks.

He loves to bring them back in.

This is one of those instances where he is trying to get benefits for liberty and sirius shareholders.

What about the actual strategy for the future?

We were talking about the possibilities.

You have sirius on the dashboards of new cars.

The automobile industry.

The gives him a place on the dashboard.

He also has your connections at home.

There are possibly two ways.

We know that john malone is one of the people behind charters bid for time warner cable.

This will be a big cable deal.

He will help create the u.s. cable industry.

He is one of the pioneers.

He helped to grow and consolidate it.

Sirius could be a dial a lot of these cable system.

I am sure he's going to want to have some say of owning it out right.

A gift simplest ability to pipe sirius content into cable networks.

This is an end run around the telephone companies.

Verizon, at&t. you go over the wi-fi signal.

The is a popular way and expensive way comparatively to place phone calls.

That -- that is a great point.

They're looking for new ways to grow.

Since subscriber wrote -- growth has been down.

They need to find ways to exploit revenue.

If it is wi-fi hotspots, you can get a free hotspot.

Thank you.

Following what is going on with liberty media and sirius xm.

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