Liberty Media Bids for Remaining Shares of Sirius

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Jan. 6 (Bloomberg) –- Intermedia Partners Founder & Managing Partner Leo Hindery and Bloomberg’s Alex Sherman discuss Liberty’s bid for Sirius XM which would increase Liberty’s cash flow and potentially help fund an acquisition of Time Warner Cable. They speaks to Trish Regan and Adam Johnson on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)


I just going to say it, i see that they are looking for the near-term cash, but sirius xm radio?

It seems to me that the handwriting is on the wall for that company.

It is putting hormel next to wilson sporting goods.

It is all about the balance sheets.

The charter balance sheet is not anywhere near close to pulling off the time warner cable deal.

But you have to ask if charter is the bright buyer, and fundamentally, it is not the right buyer.

There is mediocrity and most of the charter systems, real lating to the higher end of the market.

The most logical buyer is comcast, but not even for the whole thing.

L.a., st.

Louis, the sportswriter, time warner cable would be a serious, get that series complement -- time warner cable would be a serious complement to the comcast lineup.

And think comcast is looking at this, and making the calculations right now how much of this do we want.

? do it want all of it?

If we want charter and liberty together interested, it will come down to will john malone do a deal with brian roberts?

Can they come together into a deal here, or will comcast decide that maybe they want more of it then charter is willing to give up.

John malone's whole thing here is that we need scale.

You need to get bigger.

You cannot give up too much, because then you do not get big enough, but you can give up some of them to a joint deal, and comcast would guess -- get what they want as well.

Can you really bring companies together?

Is there any trust ? comcast will begin to hit a ceiling.

I was the ceo of liberty for a while, and there is a dramatic inference between scale and quality.

When i had the privilege of being john's partner, he is focused on gail -- scale.

Owning a lot of cable systems does not mean much to me.

Owning the right cable systems means a lot.

They are the nfl markets, the 27 cities that comprise the nfl.

That is what we gave comcast out of at&t broadband.

When i say st.

Louis and los angeles would be enough tract of complement to complement -- an attractive couple met to comcast, we owned those, and we sold them because we did not want to control them any longer.

Who is the cat bird seat now?

It is the comcast guys.

The appliances are all about changing the dynamic of home viewing.

Who has content?


We talk about netflix all the time on this show, and running comcast into time warner would be the dumbest thing in the world for time warner.

It might be a good thing for charter, it is not a good thing for time warner cable.

They would get nothing out of it.

That is why they have resisted so far.

We're about to find out exactly what charters offering.

From what we know, it will be less than $135 a share, and trading -- ablest trading there already.

Where they trying to become eager, rather than acquiring content?

You're going to see netflix become the new dreamworks, 20th century fox, they're going to start producing their own content in mass.

The other phenomenon that fascinates me is broadband.

I see a world of the very near term or i do not have a video connection in my house quietly single broadband.

You could be watching it all right here.

That device would be your guide at home for dv, and it would be your larger device as you walk out of the home.

The cable guys have a wonderful advantage, as the broadband in your home is a wonderful service.

It does not have to be as good, this sets the price for broadband in the home.

When we conceived all this years ago, and i was a seller for tci, the triple play is a fantasy.

It is one wire.

If it was three wires, you could call it the triple play, but it is one wire.

So we found a buyer and at&t food -- in at&t who believed in the triple play perpetuating forever.

I believed that it would collapse on itself, and the home would become a broadband user.

They would use it for video, voice, and data.

But you came out saying that you -- john came out saying he regretted selling it.

He is absolutely wrong.

The revenues and the cash flows are the extraordinary, but the pressure from directv and dish and verizon and at&t, and adams phone has collapsed the multiple of the value of that cash flow.

We're definitely in a changing world, i was learned a lot when you are here.

Thank you.

And i do this for free.

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