Liberty Global Revives Bid to Expand Ziggo Stake

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Dec. 12 (Bloomberg) -- In “Bloomberg West Top Headlines,” Cory Johnson reports on today's top tech stories on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.”

John malone is revising its bid to buy ziggo.

In already has a 30% stake owned by liberty already, but that -- they're looking to expand the footprint in that region.

Facebook has come a long way.

They will become part of the s&p 500. they will be replacing teradyne.

Facebook stock is up 86%. if you are looking to refresh your professional brand online, there are a few words you might not want to use.

The 10 most overused buzzwords are responsible, strategic, and effective at the top of the list.

I love that list.

You hate seeing those words.

They are used to replace

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