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June 11 (Bloomberg) -- Jon Erlichman updates the latest news from this year’s E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Depend on where we are in the game console cycle.

It is boring to say, but it was important a couple of years ago was everybody at e3 was saying, when our microsoft and sony going to come out with their new gaming devices?

And until they do, we will have to deal with the existing games.

It was more about microsoft opening xbox one and sony in the playstation 4. now that those devices have been on the market for some time, it gets back to the games fueling sales of the consuls heading into the holiday season.

You have seen the mix.

You have seen some shoot them up, action type games.

You've seen companies going back to establish franchises as well -- microsoft with halo is a good example.

And you have these collectibles that are interactive.

They become part of the game and you buy them and make them part of the gaming experience.

That is from the playbook of companies like disney.

What about this virtual reality headset?

This is the most fun thing to discuss, without a doubt.

It was a couple of years ago where a small oculus team first gave the world an idea of what they were working on.

Oculus is now owned by facebook.

And you have sony with something called project morpheus that they are pushing as something that could really light up the playstation platform going forward.

The big question, and we will talk to this with the oculus ceo later today, what is the best cultural reality experience?

Facebook has more than a billion users.

Oculus will be thinking about games, but just as much about the communication.

Can this be the equivalent or even better alternative to something like face time or skype?

And as that focus for facebook ultimately create an opportunity for sony to push more virtual reality technology that will get the gamers excited?

It is an interesting roadmap as the storyline is unfolding.

And the continuing of franchises like a low?

-- halo?

Yes, one of the things i found interesting is that it was not just good for the next halo game, but the fact that paying for the console for the fall, they will make the versions available for play.

Microsoft is not always do that.

It goes back to the best strategy for both gains and consoles.

-- games and consoles.

Microsoft is saying, we want to focus on the fans.

Last year, we were focused on the xbox as an entertainment unit.

The gamers were a little bit upset.

Now we are about the hard-core

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