Let the Games Begin: Black Friday’s Almost Here!

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Nov. 27 (Bloomberg) -- "Lunch Money" Host Adam Johnson reports on Black Friday and the beginning of the holiday shopping season. (Source: Bloomberg)

The middle and and luxury, will get a behind-the-scenes tour of the new high-end hotel.

We will kick it off with shopping and the most wonderful time of the year for retailers.

Can you feel the excitement?

Retail is doing well and everyone is looking forward to the results of this weekend sales.

They are starting early, as you know.

It will be very interesting to hopefully see the storm will not have the effect that people are afraid about.

It should be passed by thursday.

Thursday night and black friday, the weekend should be successful.

So go grab your sleeping act and nonperishable snacks.

What other way to spend thanksgiving been camping out at a shopping mall?

To tvs and they sound speaker.

We are getting a laptop for $177. there is a kindle for $99. i thought there was a $69 tablet but i cannot find it.

She has been there since last friday.

It seems retailers open earlier every year.

Several retail giants will open their doors on the actual holiday which includes walmart, jcpenney, macy's, and kmart.

One retailer is taking a different route.

This is the way some retailers want you to spend thanksgiving.

At pc richards, we think it should be spent at home.

It still looks like the your buster phrase is here to stay.

Five years ago, this black friday, walmart employee was trampled in a stampede.

Walmart has to my the $7,000 fine.

For allegedly failing to protect employees.

Walmart had sales of 400 city $6 billion last year and the company says it has made a lot of changes since 2008 including plans for how customers enter and exit the stores guaranteeing certain products to minimize the frenzy.

Walmart picked a new ceo, doug macmillan.

He will replace mike duke early next year and will have a full plate of issues to deal with.

Will shoppers actually by?

There is a lot of pressure on the consumer.

For those lucky enough to have a job in the lower end, you had the biggest tax i can 20 years earlier this year and we see it in the numbers.

U.s. retail sort -- u.s. retail sales have been lower this year.

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