Les Moonves Talks Fall Lineup, `Late Show' & Aereo

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May 15 (Bloomberg) -- CBS Corp. President and CEO discusses the network's fall lineup, Stephen Colbert replacing David Letterman as late-night talk show host and the future of broadcast television. He speaks with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Cbs has historically dominated monday night comedy stop night you are heading into the last season of two and a half men.

Are you looking toward thomas?

We shifted down from eight comedies to six comedies.

We will still have four blocks after football is over.

Having thursday night football gives us so much flexibility.

We will open the season with a bang.

That will be on monday night.

It will go there.

We have a new show at 9:00 called "scorpion." is action adventure as it is like the big bang theory translated to action drama.

It is for misfit geniuses who come in and solve problems and crimes.

They help out america.

It is sort of a comedy.

Then we have ncis l.a.. we have not change drastically.

We have our winning thursday night lineup.

We have thursday night.

That is a big deal.

You mentioned ncis.

You've have had a tremendous amount of success with these knots.

Franchises, effectively.

Ncis new orleans.

Our viewers there for this?

How much longer can that go on?

Ncis is the highest-rated drama on television.

How many years?

The original is in its 10th year.

L.a. is in its sixth year.

We have added a third.

We have scott bakula starting in it.

The franchise has done very well.

We can go back in.

There will be an extension of csi stop patricia arquette will play the cyber expert.

She will use csi techniques.

These shows make us hundreds of millions of dollars.

They have both made more than $1 billion.

They are doing well.

It is not broke, don't fix it full keep it coming until america says they don't want it anymore of stop how about a spinoff like how i met your father?

How i met your mother was extremely successful.

There was talk that you had the option to go with it and you did not.

A spinoff is very different.

It has an entirely new cast.

It is a different sort of thing.

We saw the pilot and creditor which was terrific.

It did not fit into her schedule.

We only have one new comedy on the schedule.

Unfortunately, you only have seven days a week.

We had already renewed 21 shows going into this year.

We have more drama on.

Some things get left out.

You mentioned nfl.

You paid a lot of money for it.

It is for eight games.

Why is this unimportant franchise?

You see with the nfl does.

When does for nbc on sunday night.

There's nothing like the nfl.

They are the prime property anywhere.

The ratings continue to go up will stop to get primetime nfl on our schedule, it will allow us to win thursday night and it will allow us to move some of these shows elsewhere.

When we launch our thursday shows, it will be the end of october.

We can have a season with fewer repeats.

There's no promotional tool like the nfl of stop this was a no-brainer.

We have a great relationship with the nfl of stop roger goodell is traffic.

-- terrific.

The head of our sports division did a phenomenal job will stop they like us and they trust us.

We are very fortunate and happy that they chose us will stop part of it had to do with the fact that we were number one on thursday night for football stop we said, do you want to have it instead of the number one network?

Or against it?

We are very pleased to have them.

How is the return on investment?

This is a general question with sports.

Getting these franchises has become increasingly expensive all stop what does it do to the margins?

It depends on the sport will stop we just entered a new deal with the nfl all stop we are paying $1 billion a year.

We will still make a profit.

It is must have television.

You have to have the nfl.

Because of all the bandages you get in your station group and your affiliate and from your network, it is invaluable.

It cost a lot of money, but we make a lot of stop let me ask about something else.

Ncaa, there's been a real push for college fairs to get paid.

You broadcast march madness will stop the ncaa makes money on it will stop should these kids be getting something?

That is an issue between the ncaa and college players.

We like to distinguish between college sports professional sports.

We have stayed neutral and on the sidelines.

We are supportive of the ncaa.

Les moonves speaking with me.

We will be back and talking about late-night.

That is next.

? welcome back.

The president and ceo of cbs, les moonves.

I want to talk about late-night.

This is something that has gotten a lot of attention.

The late shows a big win for you with stephen colbert.

No question.

We love david letterman and he has been the best for a generation.

There was a time when he said it was time to do something else.

We have been thinking about this for a few years.

When was david going to leave?

What should we do?

This is not a pilot you pick up.

This is a generational decision.

We were very fortunate that david announced his retirement and stephen's contract was running out elsewhere.

We were able to get him.

We were extremely excited.

His show, the colbert or fax report has him playing a conservative blowhard.

It was a caricature.

It was not the real stephen colbert.

On the show, he will be himself.

That the not concern me one iota.

Jon stewart, who was stephen's mentor, said it well.

Stephen colbert has done a successful well -- a successful show very well.

And he did it in the confines of his character.

He pulled it off.

He's funny and smart and topical.

I am really excited.

Iteris told howard stern that you offered him the job first.

It is not exactly true.

He has been a member of his family.

He was on "how i met your mother for nine years.

I just saw him in his play and he is amazing.

He is part of the family and we are very close.

My wife and my son know his family very well.

Afternoon was done, we said, what do you want to do?

What are the possibilities?

Do you want to do a new series?

1230 might be open.

What do you think about that was to mark it was a general topic.

He was not offered it.

Casual conversation.

I saw him two weeks ago at his play.

It was terrific.

My wife and i went backstage.

We would love to have him back in the family in any way he wants to do it.

He could do another comedy.

Who knows?

He will be my friend for the rest of my life.

Let me ask you about the late, late show.

Your wife, julie chen, tweeted out a picture.

She and her husband until mchale are hanging out.

There we go.

Community was just canceled.

I am in the news business.

I am interested in making some news.

Is john mchale going to succeed?

We were at a dinner party.

I had never met him.

I said, sit down.

Let's have a chat.

My wife said that she would be out this picture.

And they send an e-mail that says joe mckale cbs, 12:30 a.m. we went to some parties and we took a picture of my wife and me and barbara walters.

We said, barbara walters, 12:30 a.m. we took a picture with ll cool j. we did it with very stars.

There are no conversations underway.

Joe mckale is a wonderful talent.

We would love to have him at cbs.

Maybe in the future?

Who knows what will happen?

Craig announced that he will leave.

There are all sorts of possibilities.

I will not talk about it.

There are a lot of people.

Trish regan.

12:30 a.m., cbs.

There is a lot of attention.

A lot of questions about a woman.

The only reason we have said not is because she was reading out photos.

Chelsea handler is great.

There are a lot of terrific people.

We have until december.

We will be back with more from les moonves next.

? welcome back.

I am here with les moonves.

The rio -- aereo has been causing quite a stir.

When you think of the argument?

We think it is illegal.

They are taking our content and charging people for it.

They are not paying us.

It cost a lot for the nfl and it costs a lot to reduce and the area.

They are taking our signal and selling it to consumers.

When we do this with time warner cable, they pay us.

We have said that this is the.

A case appeared before the supreme court.

We think that we are going to win.

The court will side with us.

They did a good job of confusing the issue.

They said, if you shutdown area, you are shutting down content.

You are hurting new technology.

That is not true.

We hope we win and we expect to win.

If not, there are other things we can do.

Let me play you a quick clip.

This is the ceo.

Take a listen.

It is one antenna, one consumer.

It is all things that are perfectly legitimate.

How could it be wrong?

People are making money selling equipment.

Nothing about any of these things is novel or illegal.

I know you disagree.

What is he getting wrong and mark i vehemently disagree.

It is a rube goldberg contraption.

They are selling antennas and he says you can buy at radioshack.

They are doing what verizon does.

They are taking the same thing and they are selling it and making money.

If they should win, we could do it ourselves.

The networks can get together and do what they are doing.

It is illegal.

Beating of doing it yourself, i know you setting conference calls with investors that if they were continue to operate, we are thinking about delivering directly toward consumers.

We will do that amongst ourselves.

What would that mean for affiliate?

We believe in our affiliate body, but there are other things we can do to get our content to the consumer where we get paid appropriately.

Aereo get paid and the networks do not.

They are doing nothing but selling antennas.

They are stealing content.

There are other things we can do . the idea is to do with our affiliates.

90% of the people already receive our content through cable, satellite.

They do not receive it over the air.

It would be circumventing the system.

The truth is that this would not be good for local carriers.

Everything we do would be coordinated.

You have been very successful in terms of being paid for your content.

Let me ask you about the merger.

Two large cable companies coming together.

Is this a monopoly?

The justice department determines that.

We have had great relations with comcast.

We have a newfound contract with time warner cable.

We fought very hard for it.

These contracts will have to come together after the merger.

We are looking at how we negotiate between those two contracts and come up with a suitable deal that is satisfactory to us.

We are looking forward to that.

It is -- is it topic that you get these companies together and there is negotiating power?

Nbc's producing a lot of content.

You would think that comcast time warner would want to push that back.

I'm sure that they will prevent nbc from getting an advantage.

Once again, as long as we continue to do the types of content we are doing, the number one network in america, they will pay us fairly.

We have negotiated with them before.

They are tough and smart.

We will come to a resolution.

I've been hearing that cbs news is thinking about launching a cbs news website.

That would basically serve as a rival to cable news.

You would go straight to digital.

Is that true?

We are not in the cable space.

There are too many players for us to start.

With all the content going digital, wouldn't it be a good idea to do a 24-hour digital channel?

Taking all the resources that cbs news has, and you were a part of it in the past, and there's so much information that we could get every day.

That does not fit into a 22 minute newscast.

Or cbs this morning.

We can do that and we can go direct digital.

That is in the early stages.

It is an exciting alternative to cable news.

How quickly could that be available?

We do not have a timetable.

We are discussing it with internet companies to see who wants to be our partner.

They know the brand of cbs news is very strong.

It is very important.

We do not have a cable news partner.

When you look at this landscape, and we have talked before and you have made a point of broadcast is king, how does mobile change this?

Our content is now available all over the place.

They are starting to measure it.

Our eyeballs are being counted.

The world is changing.

In broadcast, overnight does not mean as much as it used to.

They have what is called c three.

That will be expanded in the not too distant future.

You will count a week after the show has aired.

The intersection of digital and over the air is coming.

We want people to watch our content anytime they want.

As long as we are counted, we get paid for it.

It is good for a company like ours to be on their toes.

It is an exciting case.

Les moonves, thank you for being

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