Made in the USA: What Lenovo Sees in North Carolina

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July 15 (Bloomberg) -- Lenovo North America President Jay Parker tales Bloomberg's Carol Massar on a tour of the company's North Carolina plant on Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money." (Source: Bloomberg)

The bike myself and i am not.

You've got a bwest byte.

We have a great one today.

387,000 . the number of tweets last night by viewers of shark note -- shark nato, the b-movie that appeared on the sci-fi channel.

It made a storm today.

Here is a clip of shark nato.

Is this a documentary?

It was not a documentary.

It was about a tornado hitting california.

A tornado full of man eating sharks.

Some of them were sought through with a change shop.

-- sawed through with a chain saw.

It has generated interest.

People want to have a sequel.

It goes to show the power of twitter when you have a cheesy thing that people catch on.

A great name like shark nato.

To be clear, this was fiction.

If he was going to happen somewhere, it would happen in l.a. i think it would happen right here behind us.

That is not funny.

[laughter] do you have a chainsaw?

We will keep that to a minimum.

That is not what happened to emily chang.

She had the day off.

There were no sharks involved.

We will review you the latest headlines, be they shark related or not.

We're going to keep monitoring the world for shark stories, technology stories -- tornado stories.

Thanks a lot.


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