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Aug. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Lenovo reported first-quarter profit that beat analyst estimates after increasing its global market share for tablet computers, smartphones and PCs. Bloomberg Industries Anand Srinivasan reports on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

The stock.

I care about the changes in technology and i wonder if today and yesterday's earnings are a signal event in the history of the personal computer?

Absolutely, if you go back, it may be september of 2011 where we restart pc palm's pre we shipped 96 million pc's. will we get back to that level?

Current shipments are expected to be around 75 million.

The pc may become a factor relegated to the enterprise.

We will ship three times as many smart on sales of microsoft is missing out on those trends.

I cannot decide it microsoft is the victim of the pc market or the instigator.

I wonder if windows 8 has further led to the declined because consumer adoption has not been there.

If i were a microsoft investor, what has been driving and holding up the wind is revenue line is in the enterprise refresh thexp to 7 because many people skipped vista.

That refresh cycle is now 3/4 of the way down so that is not a driver.

When you see people buying smart phones, three times as many smart phones sold verses pc's, they will not be using the office products.

Office has been carrying the day for microsoft but the weak pc sales is likely to impact sales of office.

Their enterprise business is really strong.

Outside of office, they have done well but i wonder -- it has been a slow offtake and better than the distance.

They have more users of windows 8 and they have on vista to this day but do you think there will still be an upgrade cycle?

Ballmer made the announcement the8.1 and he talked about touch and then the machine shifted to the holiday season.

Will that change things?

We will have to see.

If you want to be optimistic, you can say absolutely they can get back in the game.

If you look at the number one selling notebook amazon, it is a samsung.

The number two is an apple mac book perot.

Pro,. that will impact the office usage which has been strong driver.

When you combine it with this massive reorganization they are doing this year, it will be a tough year for microsoft.

I just don't see an end of the pc-era.

It does not seem right to may.

Intel and microsoft numbers, they stole billions of dollars worth of new gear.

The pc is not going away.

Given that the peak was 96 million units and we are shipping about 75 million units in the june quarter, what is to say that it will grow?

This cannot be a market that gross.

All these other proliferation factors, microsoft missed the boat on . apple has a smaller business and the operating system but on amazon, you see those mac book numbers come out and i was shocked at the numbers about os10 city and it is up 110% in one year.

Do you see the macintosh computer as something big gains from the struggles microsoft?

Absolutely, but i think the real company that has gotten traction is a brutal with chrome.

-- is a google with chrome.

Google did a reorganization of the combined and tried to crawl under one user had an apple did the same thing with ois and the mac ois and microsoft is chasing after that so we will start adding these unified platforms for your smart phone and tabla and desktop but those transition pointer with companies can gain or lose share.

What about the surface?

Microsoft is taking a big change in strategy this week.

People don't understand what is going on with the inventory.

The inventory write-down is really about just taking something they have on the shelf because they are selling it for less than what they paid for it.

When they have a chance to reenergize this, that $350 price.

For a full-featured is not lovely.

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