Lenovo China Targets Younger, Cooler Buyers

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Aug. 13 (Bloomberg) -- "Lunch Money" Host Adam Johnson reports on smartphone trends in China. (Source: Bloomberg)

Lenovo is taking the smartphone game seriously.

They are planning five more in the next three years.

This smartphone is in your pocket.

Popular movie product placement, lenovo is aiming for younger, cooler customer.

They are now at least publicly deemphasizing.

We are very much focused on the pc product.

We are really entering a new era.

We sell a huge amount of smartphone tablets.

The apple dna is quite evident here, where things are minimal and inviting for things to come in and put their hands on the touchscreen.

We are learning from apple, opening up self-branded stores, increasing grants for consumers, making led novell a more recognized brand.

Mostly, dare i said, they are in the computer models for china, the plan is to take it to upscale.

Fundamentally, we want people to appraise and experience the product.

Samsung and apple dominate the market globally, leno vote is no.

2 behind samsung in the -- lenovo is no.

2 behind samsung in the chinese market.

Chinese consumers see it as the world of chinese, compared to apple.

Their brand position is not as high.

Consumers in china have a perception that both brands have quality service, while chinese brands have to work harder.

At least they are talking about their own brand, here in beijing.

Lenovo is posing a challenge

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